Zhejiang suffered double typhoon victims over 1 million 560 thousand direct loss over 5 billion – Ch winbook

Zhejiang suffered a double typhoon affected population of over 1 million 560 thousand direct losses over 5 billion – Beijing typhoon "Meranti" foreleg, "malakas" in a threatening manner toward the coast of Zhejiang, the sky is torn a hole, rain, did not stop the rhythm. In a series of typhoon swept, torrential rain in Wenzhou, Lishui, Taizhou, Ningbo and other regions, local heavy rain is the emergence of a hundred years. Yesterday afternoon, Zhejiang Sheng Fangzhi Office held a news briefing, informed of the situation. It is understood that, as of yesterday morning 9 when, by the "Meranti" effect, surface rainfall over 100 mm area accounted for 96% of the area, more than 60% of the land area of surface rainfall over 150 mm, more than 40% of more than 200 mm, 300 mm covering an area of 18 thousand and 600 square kilometers. The province has a total of Wenzhou, Ningbo, Taizhou, Lishui, Jinhua and other 5 cities, 32 counties (districts) affected. The affected population of 1 million 565 thousand and 200 people, the number of 17 thousand and 500 people surrounded by water; 1040 houses collapsed; crops affected area of 76 thousand and 30 hectares, 35 thousand and 20 hectares of inundated area, an area of 10 thousand and 900 hectares of crops, 101 thousand and 800 tons of grain production; highway interrupted 3859 times, 541 times the power interruption, communications interrupted 47 times; damaged dikes 1609, 98.72 km 1807, damaged revetment. Due to floods caused by the direct economic loss of 5 billion 343 million yuan, the death tolls of 10 people, 4 people missing. According to the tide prediction, typhoon "malakas" near the coastal province, in August eighteen astronomical tide period, the coastal Zhoushan, Ningbo, Taizhou and other parts of the coast will be more than the local yellow tide, storm tide for the yellow warning level. At noon yesterday, the transfer of a total of 264 thousand and 200 people as "malakas" in the province, 25030 fishing boats have been returned to Hong Kong, 5023 ships of non fishing vessels have been in Hong Kong or in a safe area. 21 yesterday, Sheng Fangzhi decided to flood prevention level II emergency response down to typhoon emergency response grade. Correspondent Zheng Yingying newspaper reporter asked相关的主题文章: