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Yaohao system old accident, which is safe and stable? Original title: Yaohao system old accident, which is safe and stable? Author: Wu Lichuan Beijing News reported, according to the "Beijing license-plate lottery system to see others’ information" reported that the Beijing Municipal Traffic Commission response has not yet been found described in reports, Beijing minibus indicators management information system of a high level of security, system security and stability. However, in the face of such a guarantee, many users have not yet doubt. It is strange, the official said the security and stability of the public and the media, can have different feelings. According to reports, a citizen in Beijing passenger car index management information system on the line to update the index, but in their account system, see the update of the application form and confirmation of the other indicators. Reporters also found that during the operation, the others to download the application form, the other ID number, home address, telephone number and other information completely unmasked. Beijing Municipal Traffic Commission responded that "has not been described in the report found, do not know is the probability of problems lead to" missed ", or the media reporters and the public see hualeyan, wrong system. But it is worth mentioning that the question from the community, not for the first time. In January 27, 2011, Beijing’s first motor vehicle Yaohao ended, a total of 17600 applicants for success, but the success of information for website vulnerabilities then was leaked, using this information, you can enter the Beijing Traffic Management Bureau website to modify the ballot contact. In December 2012, some people use a small passenger car index to retrieve the password service applicant, the implementation of malicious harassment of the applicant, people mistakenly think that success. At that time, the official response also mentioned that car Yaohao system is very safe, will not disclose personal information". Is it really safe? The emergence of these problems often exactly what is going on? People may once see presbyopia, but can not always seeing things? These several accidents, has a strong correlation, indicating that things are not accidental. It should not be difficult to identify the problem. Authorities insist that people can not reflect the problem, in the end is not checked out, or did not check? Why do people think there is a problem, the relevant departments said no problem? This is a matter of ability, or attitude? The public believes that the system represents a high level of technology, is currently the best system can be used. But for any system, should not superstitious. There are some loopholes in the system is not surprising, find loopholes, fill is. It is afraid of cold, but carrying death, "goodtimesbar, eat joss stick". This is not scientific. Car Yaohao is based on the purchase of a policy system, can be described as a product of the interests of the masses transfer. This system is fair, depended on the lottery system of no danger of anything going wrong. A sometimes a little "system yaoezi", apparently not reassuring. Timely response, issued a notice to reassure the public "can be, but the premise is the transfer of the information is accurate. If the official can not find system problems are understandable, it is not.相关的主题文章: