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Yao Ming visited the basketball hall of fame: the first felt too small hall press conference dressed Yao Ming O’neal personally for Tencent September 9th sports news according to the "Houston Chronicle" news, Yao Ming today visited Chennai – Smith Memorial Basketball Hall of fame, when 2 meters 26 he stood in this sacred temple, nor by the issue of emotion, standing here, he is too small. Yao Ming said he never thought of himself to small Yao Ming into the basketball hall of fame, when he came here today, and watch over the hanging in the hall of Famer Yao Ming face, suddenly there is a never had the feeling. "When I walked into the hall of fame, I felt for the first time that I was so small." Yao Ming said, "I don’t know whether Shaq (O’neal) also have the same feeling when I see the roof of the hall of Famer photos, I’m feeling so small, I looked at the hanging around the photo, I couldn’t stop myself from this thought." Yao Ming never thought I would be in the hall of fame, although this result has been published in a few months time, but now really here, he still feels some unbelievable, "I have never had the opportunity to walk around, but I heard that a long time ago here, when I come here, wish came true." Yao Ming said. Yao Ming also admitted that, and O’neal hand in hand to enter the hall of fame is even more special, and the shark will be described as one of the most difficult to deal with his opponent, Yao Ming. "He was an incredible player, he has 2 26 meters tall, with excellent technology and singles ability," O’neal said, "from the original no one can cover my shots, no one can and I well-matched in strength, when I first met Yao Ming when he covered me three times continuously, this let me very angry, I began to dunk, but you can not stop Yao, you can only him around the front, and hope that he misses, but he still got the ball, and then look at you, in your head calmly shot, and he may be showdown I met the most difficult game." "I’m happy for Yao Ming, I’m happy for China, it’s probably my favorite place." O’neal added. For the first time, Yao Shaq, rocket overtime win over the game, also gave Yao Ming O’neal the challenge of courage and confidence. "Shaq and the first contest was held in Houston, attracted a lot of attention." Yao Ming said, "I’ve heard how strong he is, but before you fight him, you never know how strong he is. When the game comes, I’m very curious and excited." "He’s a nightmare for a lot of players, and sometimes it’s a nightmare for me. He’s a fighter on the field, to motivate us to move on." Yao Ming said in commenting on O’neal. Of course, O’neal is not the only one who inspired Mr Yao Ming’s efforts to become a member of the hall of fame. "I have been able to get this kind of treatment today, thanks to the coaches, fans, teammates, opponents and general manager, all these people let me know myself, I am very grateful for this." Yao Ming said. (cat bear) Disclaimer: This article Tencent sports exclusive articles, without authorization, shall not be reproduced, otherwise it will pursue legal responsibilities.相关的主题文章: