Yang Siqi’s former boyfriend, son of the day of the feast of the elves lovely Li Yonghan 97179

Yang Siqi’s ex boyfriend Li Yonghan son of the hundred days feast elves lovely Yang Siqi ex boyfriend Li Yonghan son one hundred days Sina entertainment news Beijing on September 25th news, according to Hongkong media reports, Li Jiading (Ding ye) and Ming Shi’s son Li Yonghan, who is dating her boyfriend Yang Siqi many years ago, in January of this year and circle the girlfriend married Yan Peiyu last night they son a hundred days feast, father Li Jiading, Shi Ming and his brother Li Yonghao and other relatives attended. Li Yonghan and Yang Siqi broke up, to circle the girlfriend Yan Peiyu, they married in January this year, when Yan Peiyu was 3 and a half months pregnant. Yan Peiyu in June gave birth to his son Alfie, yesterday is a feast. The protagonist Alfie is plump and very cute, naturally became the focus for the photo ". Li Yonghao in micro-blog to share the feast of the nephew of the day of the photo, the message: "(Alfie) a hundred days feast, thank all the friends to attend, very happy one night." In the photo liguding and Ming Shi and grandson happy photo, liguding also raised his thumb praise. Alfie fertilizer was, although not stop with friends and family photo, but the whole girl was holding her mother no crying, lovely elf. (Miao Fei) (when commissioning editor:)相关的主题文章: