Xiangyang, Hubei to Yichang high-speed rail Xiangyang airport will be built to complete the expansio-yuanjiao

Hubei Xiangyang to Yichang to build high-speed rail Xiangyang airport expansion project will build Xiangyang regional transportation hub, the provincial government issued the "Hubei Province comprehensive transportation" 13th Five-Year "development plan" (hereinafter referred to as the "Outline"), presented in the "13th Five-Year" period, the province completed "the motherland Overpass", basic built "two center two hub base" (i.e., the middle reaches of the Yangtze River shipping center, Wuhan national railway network center, the national highway network hub, aviation hub, the national important logistics base). Among them, proposed to build Xiangyang into a regional integrated transport hub, and guide the construction of Xiangyang metropolitan area, strengthen the important railway central area transit hub, Hanjiang shipping center and logistics center in the northwest of Hubei Province and other functions. The next five years, Hubei will accelerate the construction of one axis, one core, the core of the three zones of the nine channels of the integrated spatial layout of the two. "One axis", that is to build the comprehensive transportation axis along the Yangtze golden waterway; "one core", is the construction of the Wuhan national transportation hub; "two hearts", refers to the construction of Yi Jing (Chang) two city (state) and Xiangyang (including the combination) hub system; "three zone" is to build three comprehensive transportation development district of Wuhan city circle, Hubei hilly area of Hubei Province and medium mountain region; "nine channel", refers to the Shanghai Han Chongqing, Beijing Guangzhou, Fuzhou Yinchuan, Xiang Jing, Hu Hanrong, Beijing, Suiyue, grace, hangrui ten should "five vertical and four horizontal" comprehensive transportation corridor. Reporters from the railway, highway, waterway, civil aviation, extract the traffic in Hubei "13th Five-Year" plan "Xiangyang watch": railway, Hubei will build a high-speed "iron triangle", construction of the Yichang Xiangyang high-speed railway, between the province "two nuclear heart" three integrated transport hub direct access to high-speed rail Zhengzhou; Wangao railway in Hubei will also be in the "13th Five-Year" period fully completed; built to the Central West Inner Mongolia coal railway. Highway, Baokang to Shennongjia high-speed, Laohekou, Jujube to Qianjiang to Gucheng high-speed high-speed silver Fu south of the southern section of the Beltway, Xiangyang will be built in 13th Five-Year; and strive to build Jujube to Qianjiang high-speed Xiangyang section, Xiangyang southeast section of the Beltway extension line etc.. Water, "compendium" put forward will accelerate the construction of Wuhan, Yichang, Jingzhou, Huangshi, Xiangyang five major ports, Xiangyang port construction will become the province’s important iron transport center; built in Xinji, Yakou project etc.. Civil aviation, the completion of the Xiangyang airport expansion project. In addition, the outline of the province will also focus on promoting the comprehensive passenger transport hub and freight hub (Logistics Park) construction. Xiangyang will build the East passenger transfer center, Xiangyang international inland port logistics park, Xiangyang xinfade logistics park should be 100. The southern section of high-speed Xiangyang jujube potential project approved reporters yesterday from the municipal development and Reform Commission, the Jujube Qianjiang Expressway to the south of Xiangyang construction project has been approved by the provincial development and reform commission. Jujube Qianjiang Expressway to the south of Xiangyang, connected in Wu Zhen Dalijia Bay near the city of Jujube and Fuzhou Yinchuan expressway of Jujube East Interchange, south through Jujube Tongxin Management District, Yu Ju, car, Ping River Management District, Gujing Wan, Wu Jiachong, sesame Gang, the end point is located on the water town in Yicheng city.相关的主题文章: