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Xiamen mobile telephone fraud warning system at more than 400 million / number fraud popup message reminder. Fraud calls can be identified, warning information immediately sent to the user’s mobile phone network in Xiamen (micro-blog) – Xiamen daily news (micro-blog) (the reporter Wu Junning) as a liar call, the public mobile phone immediately received pop color not deceived, remind! The telecommunications network fraud cases recently frequent adverse effects, China Mobile group is located in Xiamen Migu base development "telephone fraud warning system", will effectively curb the crime in the country. The past two months, the system in our city is the successful intercept telephone fraud posing as case 300, the city’s telecommunications fraud police intelligence fell 64%. The first half of this year for our users successfully stopped, 28 million 230 thousand yuan in economic losses. The introduction of the fraud number database fraud telephone early warning system, how powerful? The reporter understands, it introduced the Department of public security authority and report data fraud number database, the background screening function for the phone call fraud before filtering and screening, once found abnormal communication, immediately will be listed as the number of suspected fraud. At the same time and suspected fraud telephone Tencent, 360 and three party Internet business reporting synchronization. When the number reached the public telephone, mobile phone ringing in at the same time, will be able to receive a reminder message pop color. Color information looks like? Migu base staff told reporters the scene simulation demonstration, if received labeled suspected fraud phone, mobile phone will receive a "Xiamen 110 to remind you: the number has been many people report suspected fraud, please beware, detail 96110-8." The popup message. In addition to the "overseas calls" "fake public security reminder calls" fake customer service number to remind "scene. Has covered 28 provinces at present, "telephone fraud warning system" has covered 28 provinces, each issued about 7500000 to the user to remind, of which the city of about 3 to 50 thousand times; the total mark of telephone fraud more than 400 million (including repeat), 2 million 300 thousand daily active telephone fraud, of which the city library number has been stored in 350 thousand telephone fraud, daily to Fujian province mobile users dial 112 thousand telephone fraud. Deputy general manager of Migu animation company limited to Li Sheng told reporters that last year, the system in cooperation with the Xiamen anti fraud center, the first in the country launched the 110 command center to remind the anti fraud. Li Sheng said that the city has 1 million pilot users began to use this feature. Mobile users as long as the city to send ktcy1 to 1065808601 will be free to open, the use of no cost, no need to download and install the client. It is understood that by the end of next year will cover the country. However, this business is currently only open to mobile users, the near future will achieve mobile, China Unicom, telecom network. Xiamen (micro-blog) – Xiamen daily (micro-blog) >相关的主题文章: