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Wu Wangxin: Gold rebound as crude oil approaching important resistance to lure more clients view the latest market today, the stock market has Chinese rose across the board, the Shanghai Composite Index rose 2.35%, the Dow Jones index rose 1.4%, UK FT index rose 1.47%, the French CAC index rose 1.79%, Germany’s DAX index rose 1.98%. At the same time, oil prices also returned to the market on Monday. After the weak trend in the latter half of last week, the market began to keep up with the stock market on Monday. However, the stock market warms up the risk aversion, so gold and silver will be left out of the cold, gold once back to 1201, and closing below the ten day line. In the currency market, the pound opened sharply lower Monday, due to the weekend the British government decided to hold a referendum on Europe in June 23rd, so the pound continued to fall against the dollar on Monday, and refresh the new low since March 2009 1.4057. Gold yesterday, the global stock market rose so that the gold face constitutes a certain pressure, so the price of gold on Monday will be showing a Dikaidizou trend, from 1226 in the lowest reach 1201-02, and closed below the line line ten and line 5 line, therefore, the daily bull will gradually lose the advantage, and gradually dominated to complete the weekly short short demand. Therefore, the author repeats the warning in the weekly review, the last two weeks mainly short gold, until the Spring Festival high gap 1160 completely back. Gold, because the ten line has below the line, then the subsequent line is expected to carry out around ten daily shocks down the rhythm, and whether it will back up on Monday opened 1228 temporary gap but once back can make nothing of it, close to near 1230, then can be regarded as key over, of course this key process may not appear, which will directly depend on the 1220 drag all the way down to 1180-1160 is also very likely. The operation needs patience to capture short opportunities, seize the main contradiction in the market, and keep in mind Zhou Pingzhong’s short target 1160. Short term, 1220 position for Monday fell below the neckline, if unable to stand on the 1220 short-term gold price is still short, if you can stand on the 1220 is also false, will still be directly below the next day. The weekly short silver, ready to, yesterday to follow immediately below the 15 mark is evidence, although after the rebound, but the confirmation has been on the top line, and the 16 mark has formed an important resistance, and 15.50-60 is the second highest point. In the next 2-3 weeks, the price of silver will go down, and it will gradually move towards the 14 level. The operation suggests to follow the trend of the week high, until the completion of the 1160 gap repair gold, silver can stop its short footsteps. Crude oil prices opened Monday, singing all the way up, the second half of the week’s decline was swept away, however difficult 60 line resistance technology, visible line still will inevitably fall into the tangle, yesterday has been bullish in the sidelines, Tuesday without worry. The resistance of the 60 day line is objective, if there is no good news boost or failed to have enough chips finishing, then the direct breakthrough difficulty coefficient is too large, so it is recommended to continue to wait and see.

吴旺鑫:黄金反弹视为诱多 原油逼近重要阻力  客户端 查看最新行情   周一,股市呈现全线大涨,中国上证指数上涨2.35%,美国道琼斯指数上涨1.4%,英国FT指数涨1.47%,法国CAC指数上涨1.79%,德国DAX指数上涨1.98%。与此同时,油价周一亦涨势回归,经历上周后半周的疲软态势之后,周一开盘便与股市携手双双居高不下。然而股市的回暖却对避险情绪造成打压,于是黄金白银便遭遇冷落,黄金一度回调至1201附近,且收盘跌破日线十日线。汇市上,英镑周一大幅低开,由于周末英国政府决定于6月23日举行脱欧公投,于是周一英镑兑美元持续下挫,且刷新2009年3月以来新低1.4057。   黄金,昨日全球股市的大涨令基本面对金价构成一定的打压,于是周一金价便呈现出低开低走的态势,从1226最低触及1201-02,且收盘跌破日线十日线及日线5日线,由此可见,日线上多头将渐渐失去优势,而空头逐步占优以完成周线的空头需求。因此,笔者再次重复周评中的提醒,最近两周主要以做空黄金为主,直至对春节期间的高开缺口1160完全回补。   黄金,由于日线上已跌破十日线,那么后续日线预计围绕十日线开展震荡下跌的节奏,而是否会回补周一低开缺口1228暂时不得而知,但是一旦回补接近1230附近,便可视为诱多结束,当然这个诱多过程或许都不会出现,而将直接依赖1220的阻力一路跌至1180-1160亦极有可能。操作上需耐心捕捉空头机会,抓住市场的主要矛盾,且牢记周评中给出的空头目标1160。短线方面,1220位置为周一跌破的颈线位置,若未能站上1220则金价短线仍为空头,若能站上1220亦为假象,次日仍会直接跌破。   白银,其周线空头蠢蠢欲动,昨日于欧盘顷刻间跌破15关口便是证据,虽然之后有所反弹,但是日线上顶部已得以确认,且16关口已形成重要阻力,而15.50-60成为次高点。未来2-3周银价将震荡走低,且逐步向14关口迈进。操作上建议顺应周线趋势高空即可,直至黄金完成1160缺口的回补,白银方能停下其做空的脚步。   原油,周一油价开盘便一路高歌上涨,后半周的颓势被一扫而空,然而技术上遇阻60日线阻力,可见日线方面依然难免陷入纠结,昨日看多却一直处于观望之中,周二则更无须着急。60日线的阻力是客观存在的,若没有利好消息的提振或者未能有充分的筹码整理,那么直接突破的难度系数太大,因此建议继续观望。 新浪声明:新浪网登载此文出于传递更多信息之目的,并不意味着赞同其观点或证实其描述。文章内容仅供参考,不构成投资建议。投资者据此操作,风险自担。相关的主题文章: