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Women’s Caesarean belly is too thin to be scratched the face of the child (Figure) original title: Women caesarean section belly too thin children face scratched Zhou: I was originally from the doctor’s hands not found until the ward, I found the child on the face how a wound, thought the nail delimits, but look at unlike the meat, have turned out, is obviously a scar." About five forty in the afternoon of October 28th, Xiao Zhou’s sister by caesarean section, gave birth to a girl, five pounds 22. The family found that the child has a long cut on the right cheek, the length of three or four cm. Zhou: "the hospital later told us that pregnant belly is too thin, not careful surgical knife to go." Xiao Zhou’s sister: "my child is so small, there is such a scar, I looked really distressed, in the future if the wound can not go on, leave a scar in the country." Zhou: "the hospital began to hide, do not say to us, then I gave them several times, they held a meeting to discuss." Responsible for a caesarean section to the small is the Department of gynecology and obstetrics of Yiwu Fuyuan hospital doctor surnamed zhang. Yiwu Fuyuan hospital doctor: "now if you are involved in the case, I do not say anything, if I say anything, through to the hospital, now come to this step, is not my personal problem." Yiwu Fuyuan hospital hondy hospital medical chief Huang Jianming: "as for what cause, we have feedback to the leaders of the health department, who is responsible for, he is not the final say, it’s not for me to say, to identify after." Yiwu Fuyuan hondy hospital medical hospital chief Huang Jianming: experts in Jinhua this afternoon through consultation, we have good communication with family members, health bureau leaders also told him, let him go to the Health Bureau feedback tomorrow morning, what are the requirements, what ideas can be provided, including I also told him what do you have, we can try to help." In the afternoon, the families of feedback, an expert on plastic check the child on the face of the wound, but the child will not leave scar, yet there is not, if you leave a scar, at least until the child after the age of ten, in order to do scar repair surgery. Source: 1818 golden eye editor: Zhang Dong相关的主题文章: