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The woman kindly help the child to find his mother was arrested when the current Chongqing evening news traders and farmers market, the traffickers took the child was arrested on the spot…… Positive energy transfer." The day before yesterday afternoon, the news spread like wildfire in the circle of friends. Many netizens expressed anger at the "traffickers" condemned. Yesterday, the Chongqing evening news reporter found the insider know what the general situation, the original is made of a "warm heart" Oolong: "traffickers" Ms. Zhang is actually help children to find her mother, and her mother so he mistakenly thought she was traffickers, after the police back to the investigation, to eliminate the misunderstanding. It is understood that the day before yesterday morning, 50 year old Ms. Zhang went to the market to buy food on the road near the house, heard a woman crying on the phone, said the child got lost. Because it is a stranger, Ms. Zhang did not particularly care about. Shortly after crossing the road, I saw a little girl crying by the roadside. Ms. Zhang that Lenovo to just a woman, mother and daughter should be separated. Enthusiastic Ms. Zhang took the girl to meet the woman just that way, I hope the child as soon as possible to find a mother. As a result, not yet, suddenly rushed out of a woman robbed the child. As a result of the incident suddenly, Ms. Zhang did not see the woman was previously, and clinging to the child. Subsequently, the woman shouted, someone robbed children". Everybody listens to rob children indiscriminately will pull Ms. zhang. Followed by the two rivers area back to the police investigation, after verification, the original is a misunderstanding. Chongqing evening news reporter Zhu Jun (Chongqing Evening News)相关的主题文章: