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Why are you so beautiful? Due to the use of the 2017 color (original title: 2017 trend, to transform the home space beautiful!) As everyone knows, Pantone lead: To study color the world famous! Pantone provides a number of industry professional color selection and accurate communication, Pantone director boldly predicted that in 2017 the main popular color for Niagara, Kale, Primrose, Yellow, Flame, Lapis, Blue, Pale, Dogwood, Greenery, Pink, Yarrow, Hazelnut and Island Paradise. (source: StyleMode Chinese network) Pantone in addition to the trend of fashion colors will follow the 10 main colors, home design and jewelry software will follow the trend of these 10 colors. How to use these colors in the home design, it will not be too popular, there will not be tired? Niagara, Pale Dogwood with a gray blue, can make the space look more peace and harmony, can choose the main wall paint into grey blue, add soft Pale Dogwood and mustard green, make whole space look more will feel. If you don’t want to make snap up, can use some software to do at home to change, such as pillows, curtains, bed sheets and other elements, with pink or white, make the atmosphere more gentle, will not be bored at home all day. Island Paradise, Hazelnut and Island with marine breath Paradise is very often used in home design to the color of the light blue walls are used in the main transportation will not be too exaggerated, with a comfortable Hazelnut color, it will bring a relaxed feeling, if coupled with different shades of blue and different materials create a sense of hierarchy, ease in playing lounge music, all want to stay in home every day. Kale, Greenery green, most can bring home lively atmosphere, to avoid a lot of modification and green environment of the entire family, increase the oxygen content of the air, the best way is to plant some plants, or you can choose one side wall wallpaper green foliage, very good visual effect, can let eyes after the daily contact with a large number of electronic products, with some green flowers and trees to ease the tense mood. Primrose Yellow, Lapis Blue bright yellow is the general family do not choose the color, if you want to have a little sense of the Nordic design, can be used as Prirose Yellow this lively color join in home design. Use a lot of white to ease the visual impact brought by the bright colors, or in contrast to the Lapi.相关的主题文章: