Why are you a single dog all the time Maybe it’s too much-tinyos

Why are you a single dog all the time? May be too much self source: popular words "selfies" tadpole stave has officially joined the dictionary, these days, a self skills in social networking seems to be everywhere. This hobby seems harmless to humans and animals, but a new study suggests that self timer will also do some harm to your social reality. Florida State University researchers Jessica Reed and Russell?? Croton in Instagram (application photo) on the investigation of the self addiction users, and found that, although these people tried using pictures from proof of confidence, but they are still not good interpersonal relationship processing. Some dramatic conflicts often occur between those self addiction, are generally jealous comments content around who photos more attention. Self mad friends also love to spend a lot of time, the state always observe the idols and social networking activities under the number of points praise and comments, which makes the self mad tear force between the rising tendency. This ferment negative communication leads to breakup or deceiving each other. In other words, love yourself always makes others doubt your character. It’s not surprising that people generally think that self timer is a kind of narcissism. This study shows that not only self mad friends complain that what was know as a friend, he also self mad friends very unhappy, but only in self, they find happiness. Early studies have shown that negative personality traits such as narcissism and mental illness seem to be associated with more and more self timer sharing. Because of these characteristics seem to be the same communicative incompetence, so this study is always can’t explain too much self leads to interpersonal tensions or it is just another symptom of personality. In order to distinguish, we need deeper research. Nevertheless, this study is a wake-up call for the influence of the self timer and the self timer on the interpersonal communication. Once you find the self addiction, in evil circle and the friends of endless quarrels, then it is time to re estimate the expansion of self-esteem friendship is worth the cost. (Ke Doujun compiled from MNN, translator DM)

为什么你一直都是单身狗?可能是自拍发太多   文章来源:蝌蚪五线谱   流行词汇“自拍”已经正式加入字典之中了,这些天,关于自拍技巧在网络社交中似乎也无处不在。这种小爱好看上去似乎人畜无害,但是一份最新的研究表明自拍同样会给你的现实社交造成一定的危害。   佛罗里达州立大学的研究人员杰西卡?瑞德威和罗素?克罗顿在Instagram(拍照的应用程序)上调查了发自拍成瘾的用户,然后发现,虽然这些人极力用自拍照证明自信,但他们还是处理不好人际关系。   一些戏剧化的冲突常会发生在那些自拍成瘾的人之间,一般都是嫉妒的评论,内容围绕着谁的照片更受关注。自拍狂的朋友们同样喜欢花费大把的时间,随时观察偶像们的最新状态和网络社交活动下的点赞数和评论,这让自拍狂之间的撕逼倾向不断攀升。这种不断发酵的负面交流会导致自拍狂之间关系决裂或者相互欺骗。   换句话来说,总爱自拍会让别人怀疑你的人品。要知道人们普遍认为自拍是一种自恋的表现,这种说法没什么令人惊讶的。这份研究表明,不仅自拍狂的朋友抱怨当时怎么认识了这么个朋友,自拍狂自己也对朋友们非常不爽,但只在自拍中,他们找到了快乐。   早期的研究已经表明,像自恋和精神疾病这样的负面人格特征似乎与越来越多的自拍分享有关。由于有这些个性特点的人似乎同样交际无能,所以这篇研究始终解释不清是自拍太多导致了人际关系紧张还是它只是另一种人格特征的症状。为了区分出来,我们还需要更深层的研究。   虽然如此,对于自拍所展现的我们和自拍带给我们的人际交往的影响,这份研究为我们敲响了警钟。一旦发现你自拍成瘾,陷入与朋友们无尽争吵的恶圈,那就是时候重新估计一下膨胀的自尊心所付出友情的代价是否值得了。(蝌蚪君编译自mnn,译者 DM)相关的主题文章: