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White high performance team this year to conceal his embarrassment, or difficult to have as! Sohu sports Beijing time on November 18th, against the Milwaukee home court in Miami, after the team has six straight, and the opponent today at home court, strength is not too strong, so the heat is very likely to save the team around tonight. But after the game was better than the Bucks Miami, opened the first situation they shot a wave of 20-6 climax, but with the heat players hand picked up, at the end of the first half both sides fought evenly 48. And the second heat by leading the race, and at the end of the score was opened, their final victory over Milwaukee to 96-73, the end of their six game losing streak. De Rakic scored 16 points, 6 rebounds and 4 assists, wieters scored 23 points and 7 rebounds and 4 assists, while inside the gates Whiteside performance is high, in 29 minutes and scored 12 points and 17 rebounds and 7 blocks. It is the white side of the great defense that the Bucks had only 73 points, his contribution to the 7 blocks in mind is to let American Airlines Arena boiling. This summer, the heat and Whiteside contract, nearly 100 million U.S. dollars contract for nearly $4, which means that the white side will become the core of the heat, and he did not let the team down. Since the start of the new season, Whiteside averaged 18.2 points and 15.9 rebounds and 2.3 blocks, including scoring and rebounding have made great progress. But in today’s data list, white edge in the highest League in rebounding, blocked shots list ranked third, 0.6 less than the first Davies, and today the 7 shots also indicates that the white side there is hope at the same time of the season in rebounding and assists the first. It can be said that Whiteside is the heat is now the best player, the fact that the team signed him is the right choice. But at the same time, even if the white side is very good, but he is not a cornerstone player, he is better at defending, and can not be offensive to the end of the team, although he is the highest scoring team. So far the heat’s record is not satisfactory, they are only a little better than the 76, ranked in the bottom of the East, the last second. Therefore, this season’s heat is doomed to be difficult, as they lack a good defender, de Rakic obviously can not replace the role of Wade. Perhaps for the heat of the fans, can only hope that in the summer, Riley can attract stars is the key to the rapid rise of the heat.相关的主题文章: