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Self-Improvement We all have certain truths that we live our lives by and we all have certain concepts that we believe to be universal truths, but are these ideas and concepts immutable or are they malleable? And who decides what is true and what is not? Fine esoteric questions indeed and it is worth taking a little time to explore some answers. Let us take a quick look at what the dictionary tells us is the definition of Truth. My dictionary says, 1 a being true; specific, a) sincerity; honesty b) conformity with fact c) reality; actual existence d) correctness; accuracy 2 corresponding with fact or reality. So the dictionary seems to be very reliant on the physical aspect of our nature to define truth. It talks about ‘reality’ and ‘actual existence’ and ‘corresponding with fact or reality.’ But what about the idea that ‘reality’ is totally subjective to whoever is deciding what reality is? One person’s ‘reality’ holds different ‘truths’ than another persons ‘reality.’ Does your ‘reality’ hold the same ‘truths’ as Hitler’s ‘reality’? Does a republican’s ‘reality’ hold the same ‘truths’ as a democrats ‘reality’? Does a man’s ‘reality’ hold the same ‘truths’ as a woman’s ‘reality’? It seems that everything is a matter of perspective. So the ultimate ‘truth’ for you is always a matter of your own perspective at any particular point in time. Because, in ‘reality,’ we are always changing our perspective according to new data. Now we are getting down to some quantifiable information. Namely, where is the new data coming from? Basically there are two ways to collect data. We can receive data from external sources and we can receive data from internal sources. Our external sources are all fed to us from a perspective other than our own. Our internal sources can only come from our experience. If you choose to define your ‘truth’ from external sources, such as the television or the headlines in the newspaper or Charley down at the neighborhood pub, then you must understand that what you call ‘truth’ is really only what somebody else calls ‘truth’. The only way it can ever be your ‘truth’ is if you have experienced it. How else could it ever be true to you? If you have not experienced it then it is only hearsay and speculation. Doesn’t that make sense? How could you ever say something was true to you unless you had experienced it? Whether or not it is true for somebody else doesn’t make any difference. They are not you. Only you can define your own truths and you can only do that through personal experience. Then your truth comes from your own internal source, your experience. What a relief. Now you don’t have to keep agreeing with people about their truths. They have their truths and you have your truths. The key then becomes honoring everybody’s truths. Now we are getting into the sticky area because we are conditioned to believe that there are certain truths that are truer than other truths. You see how it gets curiouser and curiouser? My truth is better than your truth. Is not, Is so, Is not. Is so. etc. Can’t we all just get along? Yes, we can if we believe we can. If that is our truth. What does your experience tell you? Have you ever had an experience where you absolutely could not get along with somebody else? What did you do? What was your truth? Did you get along by vacating the experience? If that seemed to be your only option then you did, in fact, get along by moving on. My truth tells me that, yes, we can all get along. That doesn’t mean that we all have to be lovey dovey with every person we meet. We just get along in their presence or away from their presence. Your experience defines what is true for you and your experiences are always changing so it follows that your truth can also change. Are the truths you hold today the same truths that you held when you were ten years old? How about ten days ago. Everything changes with a change of perspective, including our truths. So if our truths can change from moment to moment according to our perspective is there any truths that are immutable? That is, are there any truths that don’t change no matter what the perspective is? YES! The ultimate, immutable truth is that LOVE is the infinite intelligence and energy that pervades every aspect of everything in existence, seen and unseen. Not only LOVE, but UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. That is my experience and that is my truth. Is it your truth? About the Author: 相关的主题文章: