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Website Development Website development is an extensive term that incorporates all areas of developing a website for the World Wide Web. It is a process of creating a business tool for online interaction. Website development is the key term for a safe and secure website. EGB Systems and Solutions Inc. offer Business-to Business (B2B) and Business-to-consumer (B2C) website development solutions that features extensive catalog management, interactive shopping carts, secures ordering capabilities, supply chain integration, back-end enterprise planning and many more. Significance of website development With the growth in online businesses, a well developed interactive website boosts your online business prospects. It helps you easily present your products, reach more customers and provide them the latest information about your products/services. Through a well developed website you can provide information about your .pany, support your products/services, sell products/services online i.e. E-.merce receives feedback and provide additional information about sports, news, offers, discounts and many more. We at EGB understand the significance of website development and develop websites using latest technologies. We have excellent technological set up and talented web developer who provide the highest quality industry standard website development service. Our solutions website development solutions are custom-tailored, and we ensure you a unique and secure website. Skills and Technology used for EGB Website Development Website Design/Development Tools HTML, DHTML, XML, JavaScript, PHPASP, ASP.NET, FrontPage, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Corel draw, Flash, Dream weaver Database Management Tools MS Access, SQL, SQL Server, Oracle, IMS, PL/SQL, MYSQL and RPG Platforms Windows, Linux, UNIX EGB Website Development Steps A .plete Website Development includes these following steps. 1.Coding/Web programming 2.Technical Specification 3.Quality assurance/Testing 4.Safety and Security 5.User/Admin Manual We at EGB Develop the following types of websites. Static Sites include HTML pages that do not change, unless you change them. Dynamic Sites are the most popular kind of websites for the .panies, have the flexibility to change the content of the website. This kind of website is very useful for the .panies trading in .modity items or products in which contents, prices and specifications changes frequently. Websites with regular product addition and modification requires a dynamic website. Membership Sites are pages that can be user configurable or are rated and edited by the membership in some form. Blogs, online journals, Large and small businesses are utilizing this tool to consistently and effectively .municate with their clients. ***** EGB Systemsis a professional Copywriter of Web services, Website Design and Development .pany . He written many articles about. For more information about o Egbsystems & Solutions, Inc. , Contact him at 相关的主题文章: