Wade reproduced ten years ago domineering dunk, who said 34 years old, he can not fly-winflash

Wade re ten years ago at the age of 34 he who says domineering dunk cannot fly Wade body no problem sina sports news Beijing time on February 6th, Miami and the Hornets in the fierce competition, 1 minutes and 12 seconds left in the second quarter when Wade sent a blockbuster dunk, it also makes a dunk people in retrospect 10 years ago he hooked. At that time, Miami Luol Deng steals the ball, Wade for the first time the eye to the other half speed run, his defense Michael Kidd kilchreest immediately after, but always behind Wade in a body, in the moment near the midline of the Wade ball slightly down 2.01 meters, kilchreest only slightly catch up, when Wade has potential to dunk he legs less, difficult to take off cover. And then catch up with Batum also because of the speed and takeoff height gap did not cover to Wade. When Wade goes down the reasonable collision outside the area began to slow down the potential, he hands the ball off the ball after the hand, the whole body in the air to lean forward slightly, put the ball into the basket in the hard hit two taller than he is about 10cm under the defence. After landing, Wade was still a calm expression. Wade has been in hot condition recently, and he has sent a record of 18+8 in the game against dallas. In recent years, he suffered from knee injury, and now the sudden buckle again and again, whether to show his state of courage? (Hamburg)

韦德再现十年前霸气扣篮 谁说34岁他不能飞 韦德身体没有问题   新浪体育讯  北京时间2月6日,热火队和黄蜂队的比赛激烈进行,在比赛的第二节还剩1分12秒的时候韦德送上了一记惊天暴扣,这一记扣篮也让人回想起来了10年前的他,大呼过瘾。   当时热火队的鲁尔-邓断球成功,眼疾手快的韦德第一时间就向对方半场加速快跑,防守他的迈克尔-基德-基尔克里斯特也马上追赶,却始终落后于韦德一个身位,在中线附近韦德接球的瞬间稍稍降速,2.01米的基尔克里斯特才稍稍赶上,在韦德起势要扣篮的时候他收腿不及,难以起跳封盖。而随后赶上的巴图姆也因为弹速和起跳高度差距没有封盖到韦德。   韦德运球到合理冲撞区以外的时候就开始减速收势,他双手持球起跳之后把球交到了右手,整个身体在空中微微的向前倾,在两名身高超过他10cm左右的防守队员防守下把球狠狠的砸入了篮筐。落地后的韦德依然是那副沉着冷静的表情。   近日韦德状态大热,上场战胜小牛的比赛中他就送上一记暴扣,并且有18+8的数据。近几个赛季他饱受膝伤的困扰,如今暴扣连连,是否显示他状态回勇呢?   (汉堡)相关的主题文章: