Visit the human sperm bank sperm banks in short supply by the family queuing for a year pork face

Visit the human sperm bank sperm bank in short supply: after a year – donated by the family line Beijing fully implement the two child policy, to the reproductive center of No.3 Hospital of Beijing University consultation increased 20%-30% in August this year, in a trial run for a period of one year after the human sperm bank approved the formal operation of No.3 Hospital of Peking University. As the city’s second formal institutions approved by the administrative department of health, in the future there will be a volunteer, assume the sperm reproductive insurance and scientific research three functions. Recently, the Beijing Youth Daily reporter on human sperm bank of No.3 Hospital of Beijing University exclusive visits to understand, from last September to May this year, there are 737 people to donate sperm, a pass rate of only 19%. Since December last year, after the implementation of a comprehensive two child policy, for the supply of refined test tubes in short supply, now want to do fine test tube baby’s family, the need to wait at least a year around the reproductive center for a long time. Visit the sperm stored for a long time in 196 degrees below zero in liquid nitrogen in reproductive medicine center in No.3 Hospital of Beijing University, 400 meters west of 4 layers, one engraved with "human sperm bank" five characters of the golden plaque is hung high on the wall. Go forward, after a corner, to the "legendary" sperm bank. Relative to the noise of a clinic, here is much more quiet. The sperm bank stepped into the door, there is no tall on the decoration and layout, looks more like an office, clean and bright hall with 8 different with the room, into the tissue on the outside is somewhat mysterious place. No.3 Hospital of Beijing University, director of human sperm bank professor Jiang Hui BMC reporter, human sperm bank has three functions: one is to donate to normal sperm screening qualified, stored, the future supply of infertility patients use. The two is the reproductive insurance, also known as the "sperm bank" to help people in need of their sperm being stored in preparation for days. Three is scientific research. Therefore, every room of the sperm bank are set around the three functions, including consulting reception room, laboratory screening, cryopreservation laboratory, record room, supply room, storage room and take fine room. BYD reporter found in visits, sperm bank carry out strict regulations, whenever entering take fine room, storage room area, are required to wear disposable shoes. And for the storage of frozen semen storage room and store the information for the general record room are locked, non staff shall not enter. The sperm bank is equipped with 8 full-time staff, responsible for the daily reception, registration, testing, storage and other normal operation. Under the leadership of the staff, reporters BYD into human sperm bank laboratory and storage room to find out. In the lab, two researchers are testing the sperm delivered by a professional instrument. According to the sperm bank staff, after the removal of the sperm will be sent to the laboratory for the first time, after testing, will be qualified in accordance with the concentration of packaging, and adding cryoprotectant dilution, then add 196 degrees below zero in liquid nitrogen for long-term preservation. In the storage room, BYD reporter saw more than and 10 placed inside the tank.相关的主题文章: