Usury was reported to police said the couple kidnapped violence against law and wounding two police

Police said the kidnapping was received usury couple anti violence law police wounded two – Beijing Kang, Bai Mou two people follow the debt personnel door for money, the public alarm, the police arrived at the scene when asked about the situation, the two emotional, refused to cooperate with the police in law enforcement, more violence will be two police wounded. Suspicion of obstruction of official crime, yesterday afternoon, a white in Haidian court trial. Reason: students are unable to repay the loan is threatened, according to the prosecutor accused, in June 7th this year, 10 pm, police received 110 alarm, rushed to the Haidian District eight dimensional school dealing with a suspected kidnapping case, the defendant Kang with white refused to cooperate with the police, the police will resist law enforcement, two police wounded. Public prosecutor that Kang, a white violence to obstruct state personnel from performing their duties, their behavior violated China’s "criminal law" provisions, shall be based on the obstruction of official crime shall be prosecuted for criminal responsibility and severely punished the people. Yesterday afternoon, the case in Haidian court hearing. Two people do not dispute the facts and charges charged in the indictment. Reporters learned that the reason for this case is to borrow money students wang. Wang testified at the public security organs at the end of last year, he said, because of the money through the Internet to contact a loan company, borrowed 13 thousand yuan to each other, the loan period is 9 months, the monthly interest rate of 10%. In June this year, due to the principal, interest and penalty, Wang also owed 4 months of the day, the loan company staff Jeong et al come to debt. "They told me once I can repay the money, said slowly, they said." Wang said, then the other two men and a woman came to threaten him, "said if they do not pay back the money, put me in custody, I couldn’t find my sister for money." Then a few people came to the school, sister Wang money. Heard that his brother was threatened, Wang sister rushed to the police for help. Trial: a brain injured police Wang mouth of two men and a woman, that is, Jiang Mou, a white and debt collection personnel jeong. According to Kang said, when he and his girlfriend a white with Jeong go to school together. Jiang said they waited a few minutes later, came a few people claiming to be the police, which also showed a certificate. "They told me to get out of the car. Maybe I was a little confused. I thought it was the guy who called us." Kang girlfriend a white because they do not obey the police law enforcement, police on the spot will not only hold the law enforcement recorder hit the ground, the police even fight back scratching neck snatch the hands of the police baton. Then the police to take coercive measures, together with the two people brought back to the police station for further processing. Public prosecutor’s office suggested that the court sentenced two people to imprisonment for 6 months to 1 years. Yesterday, the court did not sentence the case. Beijing morning news reporter Huang Xiaoyu correspondent Leeson photo相关的主题文章: