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Babies-Toddler The full form of trike is tricycle which is a three wheeled, peddled or pushed vehicle for children between the ages of two to five years. After this they move on to a bicycle. While choosing a tricycle, parents should remember that the trike, should not be too tall or the seat too high, and the wheel base should be wide enough. These are essential safety measures, else, there is a tendency of the child to trip and fall. It is even better if the child wears a safety helmet. A smart trike zoo is a unique three-in-one tricycle that provides a safe and easy way of travelling for a 10-month-old baby. Parents can steer the trike with a special adjustable handle. The child can grow with a smart trike zoo until he is three years old without any problem. There is a built in clutch that can be maneuvered by either the parent or the child. There is also a safety harness for slightly older children which provide a safe and .fortable method to move the child. The seats are washable and .e in wonderfully fashioned color prints and canopy. Smart trike zoo have many other features, which are: – stability, they can be pushed over sand, gravel and even ice and will not .e crashing down – using a smart trike zoo on ice is easy and fun too – does not experience any balance problems – no need to stop the trike by putting your foot down – not difficult while going uphill – leaning to ride a trike is fun – easy to maintain A diaper is a kind of small covering of the genitals that allows the person wearing it to urinate directly into it. It should be changed as often as possible because any failure to do could cause diaper rash. A diaper is generally changed by another person, as the one using it is incapable of doing so. Diapers are generally worn by children and are made of cloth or disposable material with a thick padding that soaks up the urine. Cloth diapers are made of cotton, or microfiber can be washed and re-used, where as the disposable ones are discarded after one use. Diaper stacker is an article that is usually hung close to the crib, or on a doorknob in which diapers are stacked. Diaper stackers are homemade articles with no particular specifications and can made with colorful material. This helps keep the room clean, tidy and easily accessible. Diaper stackers have a front open pocket and so they are easy to get in. There is no particular pattern or material that one should follow while making a Diaper stackers. It could be of cloth, cardboard, canvas, or any decorative material. Just make a diaper stacker pretty and colorful for the nursery. Only remember to stiffen the bottom so that the bag holds better. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: