Unmanned aerial vehicle UAV leak leak a lot of urgent need to regulate 66814

A lot of hidden leaks of UAV wounding candid urgent regulation – Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Beijing on October 7th news (Anhui station reporter Zhang Jianya) according to the China sound "center wide news" report, remember the movie "Transformers" in the wasp? It is thrown into the air, it can be as flexible hovering and flying like a hummingbird, fighting in front to rear command post reconnaissance. Now, this scene had cool off screen. With the manufacturing costs continue to decline, the performance continues to improve, the mass market of UAV is explosive growth. Many of the benefits of UAV, for example, during the national day with more drones to regulate traffic. However, in daily life, there are also a variety of security risks UAV, urgent need for supervision. Unmanned helicopter, fixed wing aircraft, multi rotor aircraft, unmanned airship…… Although the volume, quality, shape is very different, but these long-range aircraft are collectively referred to as unmanned aerial vehicles. In plant protection, agriculture power inspection, forest fire prevention, disaster rescue, aerial aerial drones and other fields, can complete a variety of complex and flight loads, and no casualties risk, can be said to be the intelligent robot in the air. National Day during the repeated occupation of the emergency lane and other illegal acts, many departments of supervision and regulation by using new technology. It is understood that this year’s eleven holiday, Guangzhou, Anhui and other places began to enable UAVs, high-speed traffic police to carry out inspections to correct violations, clear congestion, accident scene investigation and other work. Convenience is convenient, but at the beginning of the civil UAV inevitably encounter embarrassment. A sudden fall, hit buildings, hackers hijacked diversion…… These small probability events or to trigger a heated uav. In 2010, Anhui, a meter long UAV model, hit the father and son of two people, the boy died at the age of 4. But soon after, Kunming also has a woman, by falling drone killed on the spot. In addition, because the UAV can carry HD camera, some bad people, but also with drones playing the evil idea. Some of the secret of our military base, there is often the drone "strayed" phenomenon. Military experts said that if the military secrets by UAV leaked out, will cause irreparable consequences. According to industry sources, domestic UAV in more than 20 thousand aircraft, but basically are in no supervision of the "black fly", which is the main reason of the frequent uav. In this year’s national NPC and CPPCC, National People’s Congress, iFLYTEK founder Liu Qingfeng suggested that the UAV regulation included in the "Civil Aviation Law". In order to form a proposal, Liu Qingfeng last year to do a special investigation. In addition, the lawyer also warned that if the UAV during the flight, to take the privacy or confidential content, should be the first time to delete. If unauthorized spread, resulting in adverse consequences, then also bear legal responsibility.相关的主题文章: