Underground garage turned into a commercial street owners car home difficult to return (video) clazziquai

Underground garage turned commercial street car owners have a "home" to back to the intersection some owners live in Jiangning District in twenty-first Century Dianxun Residence Internazionale recently told reporters reflect the intersection: they are encountered a very embarrassing thing, because the area of the underground garage is developers construction into a commercial street, leading to the owners of parking lot. Even the day, the owners and developers and subordinate property company conflicts, developers or even transferred to engineering vehicles blocked the cell to prevent owners of vehicles entering the entrance. Now owners can go home, but the car can not return home. No parking garage, the owner of a belly grievances in early September, the reporters came to the district is located in Jiangning to visit Ssangyong avenue. At the entrance to the District, residential property owners and property management is a dispute, because the property owners do not want to drive home. At the entrance of the District, the property has set up roadblocks, security will block the car into the area owners. The owners said, they check in twenty-first Century three Residence Internazionale is delivered in October 30, 2015, supporting the underground garage was supposed to be a year ago in a house together and delivered to the owners, but because of construction delays, until now there is no formal delivery. There are two underground garage, in the room after the first floor has been basically completed, the car will be parked on the floor. But recently developers suddenly began to transform the underground garage, be busy at putting up installations, here to build a commercial street renovation. Property owners also issued the "ultimatum". Notice issued by the time is around 15 on September 3rd, the above said the owners will be parked on the ground before the day of the car parked in the underground garage, otherwise the consequences of self – conceit of the 17. This makes a lot of car owners feel threatened". In the three phase of a negative garage floor, the reporter saw the workers are working, the ground has been paved tiles, and even businesses have begun to install the container. It is said that after the snack business. The two floor of the underground garage, is also under construction. This causes the owner of the vehicle to have nowhere to stop. Developers proposed solutions were the owners against owners that developers so that they will move the car after temporary parking in the area near the Tianyuan Road, and that has been greeted with the traffic control department "". But if there is no parking space, parking is illegal. There are owners parked there, the traffic police posted a ticket or even a trailer. For several days, in order to stop the problem, the owners and residential property and developers have repeatedly clashed. Developers to open the project to block the entrance to block the vehicle owners to enter the vehicle, there are many owners parked in the area of the vehicle was damaged to varying degrees. Owners have been scratched cars, cars have been poured paint. Under the coordination of the relevant departments of the Jiangning district government, developers recently came forward to communicate with the owners. Developers a deputy general recognition of the garage negative layer is making a commercial building, in the construction of negative two underground garage, now not to let the owners of parking is not because the safety of the vehicle, but also affect the construction schedule. For the owners to drive home by the property company to block the project car, he apologized. The deputy general, in order to solve the owners of parking things, and after the traffic control department of communication and coordination, have now identified the owners can be in 7 hours every night to rail相关的主题文章: