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Ultrasonic fingerprint +5.7 inch screen new flagship exposure millet hyperbolic – Sohu [IT168] digital information although millet official has not yet issued an invitation, but it seems millet in September 27th will launch 5S millet and millet 5S Plus two new machine message basically has to sit. The day before, not only users suspected exposure millet 5S Plus spy in Post Bar, and display with 5.7 inches curved screen design, but also proved millet 5S will be equipped with ultrasonic fingerprint recognition technology, the sensor hidden in the glass panel, allegedly is the industry’s first "Under glass" fingerprint recognition mobile phone. Millet flagship spy leaked recently millet will launch two flagship new aircraft fired a hot news in the end of the month, and that millet Note 2 is likely to be renamed 5S Plus and millet we meet that. Now, you have friends in Post Bar released a new flagship millet alleged spy, and said that with the 5.7 inch double screen, so from the touch screen size should be inferred, is the legendary millet 5S Plus. The transfer from the exposure of the spy information, the machine body is slender, the edge part also seems to be using the arc design, with a large circular camera, but because the photo is blurred, it is not possible to determine whether the LED flash also joined the laser focusing module. In addition, perhaps the same reason for the use of ultrasonic fingerprint identification technology, so the machine does not appear on the back of the fingerprint identification module, as to what the front panel is what is still unknown. Compared with the ultrasonic fingerprint technology is quite mysterious millet 5S Plus, basically determined to be released at the end of the month millet 5S has more specific information exposure. First of all, insiders @ king Kevin’s diary in micro-blog citing supply chain news broke the news that the millet 5S using ultrasonic fingerprint identification technology, Qualcomm, the sensor hidden in the glass below, not inside the glass cover on the mobile phone. This is the industry’s first Under glass fingerprint recognition phone. Secondly, from Post Bar suspected exposure millet 5S PPT demo pictures also confirmed this statement, so millet 5S will be equipped with the first ultrasonic fingerprint recognition technology should be no suspense, and as a "black technology" to carry out publicity and promotion. As for the main hardware of millet 5S configuration, the information received is the machine will be equipped with 821 Xiaolong processor with 5.15 inches touch screen, supports 1080P resolution, and provides 4GB and 6GB memory in two versions, loaded with 12 million pixel camera, and uses HTC and 10 with SONY IMX378 sensor. As for the September 27th release of millet 5S configuration of Plus, the rumors that they will use 5.7 inches 2K resolution touch screen, equipped Xiaolong 821 processor, also has 4GB and 6GB two memory version, equipped with hidden type ultrasonic fingerprint recognition technology, but it will be equipped with 12 million pixel dual cameras, also using SONY IMX378 sensor, and support.相关的主题文章: