Two men control unmanned aerial vehicles to shoot super race police suspected crimes will pursue cri stand by me shinee

Two male drones to shoot super events: the police suspected of crimes will pursue criminal liability in new network – Guangzhou daily news (reporter Li Dong correspondent Ma Xiaoou, Zhang Yitao) Guangzhou Tianhe police yesterday informed: 20:30 on August 20th, two men in the forest and a subway station near the exit of the control of a drone over the football game the Milky way the scene over the shooting sports center stadium. Two men suspected of disturbing public order by the Milky way police investigation. People are watching the game. The UAV dive over the understanding of the day at 19:35 to 21:35, 2016 Chinese Super League Guangzhou Hengda Taobao team of Hangzhou Greentown team, held in the Tianhe Sports Center Stadium, the scene of nearly 30 thousand fans. Tianhe police ahead of schedule, arrange police stationed in the field to perform security tasks. The game scene cheers audience is as one falls, another rises, be absorbed in watching the game, two sets of UAV emergent audience over, and changing the direction of flight, suspected in the switch shot events. Two "the casual visitor" domineering intrusion event site of many of the audience will have line of sight from players who turned back, two sets of uav. UAV flying high and low, at any time there is a falling audience, so that fans were injured, causing panic fans at the scene may. Some fans panic, the scene emergency. Tianhe police immediately launched the emergency response arrangements at the scene, police search UAV control people in the audience, unsuccessful. Subsequently, the police to expand the search to the scene in the event of the subway near Linhexi station of an export, seized two drones are men. This is disturbing public order to confiscate the UAV after further investigation, the suspect Chen Jian (male, 53 years old), Chen (male, 62 years old, the mean for the people of Guangzhou) without the approval of any case, on the same day at 20:30 PM, in the vicinity of Tianhe Sports Center Stadium, away from his sight. The manipulation of a UAV into the Tianhe Sports Center football game scene at the event, pose a security risk to the scene, watching the order effect. At present, two men suspected of UAV disturbing public order offenses confessed to manipulation. Tianhe police have been punished according to the law of the two men were punished, and seized the two unmanned aerial vehicles involved. Police: suspicion of crime will pursue criminal responsibility for the police to remind: manipulation of unmanned aerial vehicles to disrupt public order violations, the police will resolutely investigate and deal with according to law. Such acts are suspected of crimes, the police will be held criminally responsible for the crime of endangering public safety. According to the "People’s Republic of China Public Security Management Punishment Law" the relevant provisions of article twenty-fourth, disrupting the cultural and sports activity of large masses of the order, warning or a fine of two hundred yuan; if the circumstances are serious, following more than five days to ten days detention, may impose a fine of five hundred yuan. Eleventh relevant provisions of the public security cases seized directly for the implementation of violations of public security management of all my tools, should be confiscated, in accordance with the provisions of. According to the relevant provisions of article 114th of the criminal law of the People’s Republic of China.相关的主题文章: