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Turkey insists on "participation in the Mosul battle or war: outbreak area map: Turkey tanks crossed into Syria to combat IS original title: Turkey insists on" in Mosul: battle or war in Iraq to recover the outbreak area city of Mosul battle broke out, Iraq and neighboring Turkey in a dispute. Turkish President Erdogan tough position, will continue to retain the military force and participated in the battle of Mosul in Iraq, but the Iraqi Prime Minister Abadi accused the Turkish army violated the sovereignty of iraq. At present, entrenched in the extremist organization of Mosul Islamic country retreat, the city is expected to soon be liberated, Iraqi forces even begin to consider how to fill the power vacuum there. Analysts believe that if the launch of a new round of political and military struggle around Mosul, this poses a threat to Iraq’s security and stability, will also give terrorist forces continue to provide the survival of the soil, and even lead to the escalation of the conflict, exacerbated the turmoil in the middle east. Iraq and Iraq to upgrade the Iraqi government has long been stationed in the territory of the Turkey army has long complained. The prime minister Abadi September 19th held a press conference in Baghdad said, stationed in Mosul near the city of Turkey army has a hindrance to the fight against Islamic state of military action. "If Turkey is determined to crack down on the Islamic state, it should withdraw its troops from iraq. But it is not willing to do so, this has violated the territorial sovereignty of Iraq, "he said. Turkey’s parliament voted on before, decided to extend the Turkey army in Iraq and Syria in the fight against the terrorist organization time a year. At the same time, El also suggested that soil president Erdogan, hope the military involved in the battle to liberate Mosul soil. The resolution of the Turkey Parliament and the president’s proposal immediately led to protests by the Iraqi government. Iraq’s foreign ministry and parliament have issued a statement urging Turkey to immediately withdraw its troops in Iraq more than 2000 soldiers and tanks and other heavy equipment, military participation in the liberation of Mosul soil to military action, "said the earthwork proposal is interfering in the internal affairs of iraq". The two sides not only on the matter are summoned each other envoys, Abadi even warned: "Turkey" may evolve into a regional war." El’s 11 strong statement said, not Abadi as his "dialogue", "Turkey without any approval by hand, and don’t consider doing so", "the earth to go your own way", the Turkey army will take the necessary action in Mosul. Iraqi Prime Minister’s office issued a statement saying: El should not be an irresponsible statement…… We expressed regret over his remarks."相关的主题文章: