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Traditional Chinese medicine lotion sitz bath treatment of anorectal disease – health Sohu Zhao Yan, PLA No.306 Hospital, Department of general surgery anorectal group, due to the particularity of finishing around the anus and anal nerve endings rich in structure and function, caused by severe pain after anorectal surgery, has brought great suffering to patients. Sitz bath treatment lotion for anorectal diseases after operation, curative effect. Anorectal lotion prescription: Herba Centipedae 30g, Poria 15g, Fructus 9g, pepper 9g, Platycladus orientalis leaf 9g, 9g fried Burnet, gallnut 10g, mirabilite 30g, Phellodendron lOg, licorice 9g. Research into charge for brewing formulations, pack of 110 G. For sitz bath treatment. Bath method: patients postoperative first defecation after bath treatment, each class 110 g lotion, add boiling water 1500 mL, to moderate water temperature of about 4O DEG C when bath treatment effect is good. Pain is a subjective feeling, using a quantitative method as an objective index to reflect the degree of pain, this method must be simple and easy for patients to understand and accept. NPIS method is basically in line with this requirement, after the patient explained that most patients can better use NPIS for the evaluation of the degree of self pain. Pain caused by increased muscle tone, compliance decreased, anal sphincter for a long time in a state of convulsion, which caused a stress response, prompting the release of catecholamines and other hormones in the body, contraction of peripheral blood vessels. Warm bath can make blood vessels dilate congestion, promote blood circulation and metabolism, reduce nerve excitability, muscle tension, relieve spasm, accelerate tissue repair, reduce pain. The length of time the effect of warm sitz bath treatment of pain effect to a certain extent, bath water molecules will due to osmotic pressure difference and penetrate into the interstitial cells, causing interstitial excessive moisture and intracellular edema, so long bath time does not necessarily increase the analgesic effect. As a pure traditional Chinese medicine, it has the characteristics of stable nature, not easy to volatilize, no chemical reaction, not easy to deteriorate, easy to use, no adverse reaction and so on. Chinese medicine is the heat block, anal pain caused by meridian obstruction, Fang Chuanjiao, mirabilite, wind can theriac heat, dampness, detoxification; Houttuynia cordata; phellodendron, Fructus, mirabilite, oriental arborvitae, licorice Qingrejiedu; windbreak, Sanguisorba officinalis, phellodendron bark of chinaberry, Sophora convergence dampness; cooling and purging fire. The whole Party has the function of clearing heat and removing dampness and dredging the channels and collaterals. Preoperative nursing (1) in addition to conventional care, method, should explain to the patient operation steps, anesthesia methods, the most important is to do psychological nursing, eliminate anxiety, fear, depression, so that patients actively cooperate with the operation, ensure the operation completed successfully; (2) told the patient 1 days before the operation should be in the semi liquid diet, not eat spicy spicy food and gas production; (3) before surgery should be emptying stool, necessary enema. Postoperative nursing (1) psychological care: the patients mouth pain, often tension, irritability, anxiety and other emotions, in such cases patients, should take the initiative to give psychological comfort, communicate with patients and language with compassion, care, relieve their psychological pressure, to eliminate the fear, solve all kinds of they proposed the problems and requirements,.相关的主题文章: