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From the two go getters transferring tour featuring local news leader – Sohu       | Liu Liu wrote recently, the eighteen session of the central eleventh round of inspections have been stationed in the Central Literature Research Center, China foreign office and other 19 regions and units, including Patrol "look back" in Beijing, Chongqing, Guangxi, Gansu 4 provinces and autonomous regions. Chang’an Avenue governor APP found that the current round of inspections have two new leader debut, respectively is the head of the third inspection teams and fifth inspection team leader Liu Weijia fu. Third inspection team is responsible for Gansu, Guangxi two look back work, the fifth inspection team is a special inspection of the Chinese foreign language bureau. Attention buddy inspections should be no stranger to Liu Weijia, he is a tiger go getters, in the first two rounds of inspections in third were served as deputy head of the inspection teams, responsible for "looking back". Liu Weijia has worked in Jilin, Hainan, the Ministry of agriculture, Shanxi, Yunnan, in 2009 served as vice governor of Shanxi, in 2011 transferred to the provincial Party committee secretary of Yunnan. At the beginning of this year, the official disclosure of his transfer to the Central Organization Department, but did not specify the whereabouts of the original is to take up the responsibility of inspection. Another new inspection team leader is 59 year old Fu Ziying, he is the new face of the inspection team. Fu Ziying is currently in the discipline inspection team leader in the Central Propaganda Department, is a doctor of economics, senior accountant, working in the field of trade for 30 years, served as Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Commerce, 2011 to work as vice governor of Jiangsu. Last April, the Commission for the first time to the party work department and the National People’s Congress organs, the general office of the State Council, the National Committee of the CPPCC organs stationed in the discipline inspection group, in the office of the Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee, the Central Propaganda Department, the United Front Work Department, the National People’s Congress and the State Council, the CPPCC National Committee set up 7 discipline inspection team leader positions, "in full coverage" into an important step. Fu Ziying returned to Jiangsu from the central, cross into the discipline system, as the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Department inspection team leader. In the central unit of the 7 discipline inspection team leader in the Commission, Fu Ziying is the third served as patrol leader post, the top two is the Central Commission for Discipline in the office of the discipline inspection team leader Xu Lingyi and the Central Commission for discipline inspection organs of the NPC discipline inspection team leader Zhang Lijun, Xu Lingyi in the current round of inspections still served as head of the inspection group. Coincidentally, Fu Ziying led the third inspection teams and led by the inspection teams are using the "one positive and the other four" framework, that is, a team leader, deputy head of the four eleventh. The two inspection teams are also responsible for the current round of looking back task. General discipline is one of the focus of the current round of inspections, looking back, tight time, the task is heavy, it is necessary to be equipped with more manpower. Inspection team leader and deputy leader for the first time, a positive four pairs of configuration, is in February this year, the ninth round of inspections, when the first inspection team equipped with the deputy head of the group of four. Round of inspections in the two inspection teams are equipped with a positive four pairs, indicating the central attention to the work of looking back. Careful small partners may find that the eighth inspection team has only two deputy leader, enough manpower? Don’t worry, although less, but are two vice ministerial level cadres, veteran soldiers and able captains, partner at. The leader is the Ning order, he just in the feature film "the Permanent Commission for Discipline inspection.相关的主题文章: