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Business In every business, the customer should be considered the king. Once we realize this, we will also realize that our business is all about keeping our customers happy and not as much about our products and services as we might think. It is often seen that stores are lavishly designed and loaded with expensive merchandise, but without stellar customer service, this is all for nothing. Every .pany should treat each and every customer like royalty. Keeping this in mind, below are some easy to apply tips that would surely bring a customer back for more: 1. Your customer service representatives are more valuable then the customer service they provide. If you think that by paying them low wages, giving no benefits and no bonuses and providing little or no training you would expect them to give their best performance, then you are mistaken. A happy customer service representative usually means that they will keep your customers happy as well. 2. Your sales representative will treat your customers they same way you will treat them. The employees tend to adopt the manners of their management, the same way they take after their parents. If you would address your employees enthusiastically everyday day; so would they to the customers. When a customer .plains of your representatives being rude, then the fault lies at your feet. 3. You should know your customers inside out. We all want to feel special and important. When we go to a shop, we want to be called out by our name and the representative should remember important things about us like what our favorite color is, what our favorite meal is or what our favorite drink is. A customer service representative should know all this about his customer, if the customer .es on regular basis. 4. Do your customers know who you are? You should be so good in dealing with customers that if they see you in the market they should call you out by name. It is often seen in some firms and organizations that they put their managers and employees pictures on the main offices or store entrances so that the customers would know the face of the person who is in charge. This can increase the confidence they have in your .pany by associating a human face with your .pany. 5. For excellent customers, be prepared to go the extra mile. If a customer is regular and brings in steady money, you should make every effort to retain them. Details like thank you notes, cards and gifts will go a long way to insure they stay a customer. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: