To change the remaining true to life portrayal of blizzard on the ass

To change the ass on remaining true to life blizzard on portrayal of few people will remember the first paragraph about the role of women games is what? But it is undeniable, vivid, full of female role stature is the highlight of countless games here, needless to say, we can think of, q or 11 area "butter" is the most representative. As one of the most important stunt game, the role of women for a Indoorsman, as Lv Bu chituma also need to be like Diao Chan, are indispensable. Different style, explains the same gentleman sword psychology, has been dedicated to this enduring plot, is also the focus. For twenty years in the game because the game player will account for the majority of men, from the promotion of the game for the designer to join the role of women in mind may be intended to attract female game player, also may be made men get more game player enjoy the spirit body, but these are not important, because the end result is: the role of women become an indispensable important element of the modern game. And has always been praised as "blizzard, will be fine, high style has always been cold, based on the build quality of the game blizzard, but in the" watch the pioneer "female roles have great repercussions, with full screen full ass attitude greatly" secular "a. This style is provocative enough? Indeed, posturing has is to show off, and Blizzard imitation is extremely vivid, explicit is coquettish will be fine under the female as one of the most successful brands in the history of the game, a classic of Blizzard’s world of Warcraft, StarCraft game, in every game there is a masterpiece of the original as the background: relying on the grand and magnificent setting, complicated plot, clear-cut ethnic forces confrontation, distinctive character set, these elements to the game itself has a very deep charm, and we can in the masterpiece "Three Kingdoms", and in the works of "the Lord of the rings", the right game "seen in similar shadow. Although the rights of the game, there is no lack of some adult gimmicks, but I believe we are not directed at these pictures. It is worth mentioning that there is nothing for the vase, the role of women, which is a true to life. Like Jaina in the story of Warcraft, Maiev Shadowsong, Windrunner, · Alex Tassa, all gave us a feeling of Warcraft story is a sumptuous banquet, the appearance of character design is extremely important feast on hard food, one of the important role of women are done through each service in the shape of personality. The human story behind the disputes, create a happy or sad or personal biography: every woman can hold up half the sky, no less than those of male heroes. The storm "hero" Jaina riding sideways posture is not particularly lady? "Miss" Downton Abbey in riding too, this is an elegant lady riding posture. The Blizzard is good at from the details to portray the characters who cannot resist Optima and leggy world as the game engine and further enhance the quality of picture, Korean beautiful, full screen sensual Optima style legs in all kinds of games.相关的主题文章: