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There are houses in the Tang Dynasty celadon kiln: building security in the kiln was found before the Sohu News – Zhenhai Jiulong Xiao Dong Ao village, the Tang Dynasty celadon kiln in the village on the hillside recently, some friends broke the news that the Zhenhai Jiulong lake small Dong Ao village of Tang Dynasty celadon kiln has made more than and 20 houses, which allowed? So, is this really the case? Yesterday, the reporter went to the small village of Dong Ao Tang Dynasty celadon kiln, a look. Reporter Ye Mengming photography reporters lofty status here is the Tang Dynasty celadon kiln, but also the residents home yesterday morning, the reporter drove more than an hour to get to the small hole Ao Tang kiln location — Peng Shan mountains, Zhenhai Town, Dong Ao village small things on both sides of hundreds of meters of mountain slope. Reporters came to the village, provoked bursts of dog barking, the villagers heard out to see what happens. See reporters along the hillside to climb, the villagers mistaken for tourists, so very proud to say: "our village this underground face buried in the Tang Dynasty celadon, but now the money can not buy!" In the villagers under the guidance, the reporter found a piece of writing "monument Xiao Dong Ao Tang Dynasty celadon kiln" in the weeds. On the hillside, indeed have ten houses. Living here for more than and 20 years, Wu granny said, the hillside houses many back in 70s before it was built, a little new point may be made after 70s. Mrs Wu told reporters in the past, villagers in the mountains to build a house, who dug up some celadon ware, in addition to the general bowl, porcelain plate, and gourd shaped foot high altar, celadon porcelain basin etc.. In the Wu granny impression, in earlier years, there are some outsiders had scouring over gold village people, sacks filled with home, have people are at least 100. However, in recent years the local government departments to pay attention to come to the gold people less, even if it is just to see, who did not dare to dig. In response to the village: 70s housing, can not be forced to let old people move about Wu granny’s argument, reporters from Wen Xi village committee director Qin Shanyang confirmed here. Qin Shanyang said that the small hole kiln is located in the town of Ao Wen Xi Cun, Xiao Dong Ao villages of northern hillside, covers an area of more than 6 thousand square meters, residential households more than and 20. Indeed, many of the houses on the hill were built in 70s, and in my mind, after the 80-90, there were no houses on the hills." Qin Shanyang told reporters, in 2009 and 2015, respectively two Zhenhai Department of land allocated land 10 acres, as a small hole in the villagers’ cultural relics protection Ao kiln construction use land for mountain villagers housing. These four years have continued down the mountain villagers build a house, there are six or seven villagers have moved into the kiln to settle this, but there are still some villagers living in the mountains. "There are some money to build a house, and some children are out, home on the old granny, they have lived for decades, is also used to live on the hillside, unwilling to move, so this part of the people, we can not be forced to let them down, never mind." Security department: to build a house in that.相关的主题文章: