Their fire seventy two old people knocking on doors to evacuate neighbors

Their fire seventy old two original title: neighbors knocking on doors to evacuate their fire after the two old people knocking on doors to evacuate the city of Jilin, the fire caused no casualties to remind you: this season, should pay special attention to the fire emergency fire fire brigade is N8 new culture Jilin news (reporter Li Hongzhou) 8 days, Jilin netizens @ @ Phineas headlines in micro-blog claimed that, as early as 5:30, wilder street in Jilin City, a residential building, 6 floor and 7 floor burst fire disaster. It is said that is the 6 floor of the old two because of the cold weather using electric heater fire, home basic things are burned away. Someone burned empty households involved is 6 floor tenants the right door, the balcony households have a "black hole", together with all the window glass was caved fly. 7 floor tenants balcony smoked black, part of the glass fragmentation. There are a large number of pieces of glass and burned furniture pieces on the ground, downstairs a car windshield was smashed. Involved households in a mess, it is very serious, more than and 150 square meters of the house was burned almost empty, in the kitchen, the refrigerator is burnt out. 7 floor tenants in the home part of the items were burned, because there are a lot of smoke in the house did not disperse, homeowners ventilation window, and then closed the door to leave the scene. The whole building fire evacuation remind tenants "just get up, I heard outside the whirring, then a hurried knock on the door, I opened the door a look, the 6 floor of the two old people ran down, saying ‘fire’, let us quickly ran downstairs." 4 floor, a resident said. The 3 floor of a resident said: "the old two house is on fire, they don’t control, also did not rescue the family belongings, and ran down one by one house door, to remind everyone to evacuate." The residents said, the two old people are over seventy years, the two body is not serious, no casualties in the accident. For the cause of the fire, a household, said: two old talk about fire points in the bathroom, suspected electric fire." Specific cause of the fire, public security, fire and other departments are under further investigation. Remove side – remind "time bomb" is to keep the aisle clean and tidy, not cluttered with debris, convenient emergency escape can smoothly. When the fire occurs, the window is important to escape and fire rescue channel, therefore, don’t block the window with a large bulky furniture, also don’t littered with debris window, if the installation of security windows, the best reserved hole or special escape hole installation of air conditioning, and properly keep the key, just in case. Boil water, cook when people don’t leave. Edible oil, towels, rags and other combustible materials should be placed in the place far away from stoves, blinds, curtains and so not hanging on the stove top. Smoke from a regular cleaning. To develop a good living habits of unused electrical appliances or the use of electrical appliances should unplug the power plug, electric heating appliances, if the power outage, the power should be cut off. The use of such as blankets, heaters and other electric appliances, as much as possible when power is guarded, avoid electric appliances for a long time in the case of electricity cook off nearby combustibles. Do not lie on the bed, sofa smoking, to match, lighter 7相关的主题文章: