The Spurs won the praise of Kobe as the core due to the outbreak of the summer to accept the black

The Spurs won the praise of Kobe as the core due to the outbreak of the summer to accept the black mamba training –   sports Sohu; Beijing on October 29th news, from the U.S. media reported that the new season regular season less than a week, the Spurs, with core – Leonard’s amazing performance. It is pointed out that the reason why Kavai’s personal strength to upgrade, from the summer to accept the special training of Kobe Bryant. The opening horse thorn team 29 points victory over the warriors, Leonard occupation career high 35 points and grabbed 5 rebounds, 5 steals and 3 assists; the Warring States King team, Leonard scored 30 points and 3 rebounds, 5 assists and 5 steals. This is Leonard first cut back to back 30+ occupation career. Kawai performance to win the king’s all star center DeMarcus cousins – praise. "The ball, I saw him (Leonard), the shadow of the body," said the God, "he was really good, too," said Kobe. I heard he’s been training with Kobe this summer." According to informed sources, Kobe in the summer of this year in California, a special training for the Leonard. From the Spurs 2 game winning streak can be seen, special training results have been shown. Even the Spurs coach Greg Popovich also praised his words to his disciples, "those things he surprised me," Popovich said. Accident! You know, Popovich is usually not a single player in the post match interview. Talk about Leonard on the Mike Lemort 2 consecutive steals, Popovich said, "he took the ball 2 times in a row, like" give me the ball, "I haven’t seen a lot of people can do that." It is reported that the Spurs last season with the Lakers after the game, Popovich personally come forward, I hope that Kobe can teach in the summer of Leonard. In this regard, the "black mamba" agreed. Judging from the current situation, Leonard has completed the metamorphosis. Tim – after the retirement of Duncan, the Spurs to the core of the development of the team. The Spurs before 2 away matches, they will usher in the new season’s first home court Sunday, the opponent is belong to the southwest division of the pelican. (Jim)相关的主题文章: