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Jewelry-Diamonds If it is time for you to pick the perfect engagement ring then there is plenty of choice waiting for you out there. If you are looking for one of the princess cut engagement rings then there are some things you ought to know so that the princess cut diamond appears bigger than it really is. So how does one get a diamond that is bigger than its weight in carats? Read on to learn more For your engagement ring, you could pick the Paved Road style; this uses many tiny stones instead of a single large one. Called pave setting, you have little diamonds fitted into small holes which are mounted in rows. This provides an appearance of a street paved with cobblestones and hence the name. In such a setting, it is not easy to distinguish the several tiny stones and appears like one big stone together. Princess cut engagement rings of this type are getting to be increasingly popular nowadays. Another style of the princess cut engagement rings is the three stone engagement ring which happens to be one of the classic styles. The three stones represent the love you share with your loved one; the present in the center which is normally the biggest of the three diamonds while you have the past and the future represented by the stones on either side. By adding the two stones on either side, focus is taken away from the center stone and the persons eyes fall on the ring as a whole rather than just the center stone. Although some people will not agree that the color of the mounting will change the size of the diamond on the engagement ring, it basically depends on each ones personal opinion. But most people believe that a stone that is mounted on a white gold setting will make it look much bigger than when mounted on some other kind of setting. This is due to the fact that white gold setting does not bring any color to the diamond. Diamonds are known to pick up the body tone and hue that is reflected from the mounting. If the tone is yellow, the diamond will appear yellow. You must know that yellow diamonds look smaller while the white ones look bigger. Hence prong heads in the princess cut engagement rings are always made of white gold. A lot depends on the prongs on your engagement ring. How grand the princess cut engagement rings will depend on how many prongs they have. The prong settings raise the stone from its base making it look a lot grander. It is better if you opt for four prongs rather than six prongs as six will cover up more of the diamond and also lock the light from entering it. The four prong settings are a lot cleaner, less gaudy and very elegant. They even let in more light so that your diamond shines better. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: