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Choose Wine and his wife the truth like Sohu and double eleven is coming, the previous day had now become a good day shopping carnival. Regardless of family, no family harmony, for this beautiful day in the shopping cart can drive. Many single dogs, however, should pay attention to buying wine at double eleven, because the same thing is true between picking wine and picking wives! Learn to pick a bottle of wine, and maybe you’ll never have a bachelor’s day again. The first time you saw her, when you first met her, what attracted you to her traits? Perhaps her slender figure, perhaps her delicate facial features, or perhaps her outstanding temperament…… These things make you look like you’re looking for a girl. However, the first impression is important, but it cannot completely judge more about it. Wine is the same reason, Wine labels and bottle design can affect the consumer’s desire to buy, even Wine pink because of pink color to win the women’s favor. Everyone loves beauty, and sometimes people tend to buy wine that looks good. But manufacturers from yen value brains, not necessarily good wine is filled with wine, packaging design is not new may also have treasured wine, all are subject to understand and then decide. Begin to understand when met a very eusensing girl, the next step is to learn more about her. She is lively or introverted, is Meng sister or high cold goddess, her age, hometown, constellation, blood type, her educational background, work, family environment…… It all determines what kind of girl she is. Of course, in any case, you first need to figure out what kind of person is the most suitable for yourself. Each Wine has its own unique side, these are more or less from the label emerged. The variety, production area, year, grade and Chateau of this wine…… All of these determine the taste and quality of the wine. So in the liquor not only to identify the label information, but also have the basic ability to judge, or before buying reference wine critic score or the opinions of others, so that we can know whether the wine is what you want. Want to have each other to know her after a period of time, and finally determine their own mind, that is also what, quickly launched a strong offensive to her, but how to catch up with her and is also a difficult problem. If you are not tall, not rich, not handsome, then you can only take your heart to capture her. Chasing girls requires a lot of skills, and not paying, you will get rewards. If this girl is really very difficult, you have to think about whether she is really for you, or whether you need to spend big money to improve yourself. For many Wine, finally on the shelf to see their favorite one, regardless of what looks like is impeccable, the perfect wine writing his name. But at this point, you also need to pay attention to whether you have the ability to withstand the price of this bottle of wine. If you’re just an average wage earner, you’re looking at it.

选葡萄酒和选老婆的道理一样一样的-搜狐吃喝   双十一就要到了,这个以往的光棍节如今变成了购物狂欢的好日子。不管有家室的、没家室的,在购物车的驱使下都能和谐共度这美好的一天。   然而,众多单身狗们在双十一买酒的时候可要注意了,因为挑葡萄酒和挑老婆的道理是一样的!学会好好挑一瓶酒,或许你就再也不用过光棍节啦。   第一次见你   当第一次见到她时,你被她的什么特质所吸引?或许是她苗条的身材,或许是她精致的五官,也或许是她出众的气质……   这些都让你眼前一亮,觉得是你想要找的女孩。然而,第一印象虽然重要,但也不能完全以貌取人,还要更多的了解才好。   选酒也是一样的道理,葡萄酒的酒标和酒瓶设计都能影响消费者的购买欲,甚至于桃红葡萄酒也因为粉嫩的颜色更能夺得女性的欢心。爱美之心人人都有,有时候人们更倾向于购买“看上去很好喝”的葡萄酒。   可是生产商们也会从颜值上动脑筋,很好看的酒瓶不一定装的是好酒,很没新意的包装设计也有可能珍藏着美酒佳酿,这一切都要经过了解后再下决定。   开始了解   当认识了一个很合眼缘的女孩子,下一步就是要多多了解她了。她是活泼还是内向,是萌妹子还是高冷女神,她的年龄、家乡、星座、血型,她的学历、工作、家庭环境……这些都决定了她是一个怎样的姑娘。   当然,无论如何,你首先要弄清楚,什么样的人最适合自己。   每一款葡萄酒都有着自己独特的一面,这些或多或少的都从酒标上显现了出来。这款酒的品种、产区、年份、级别、酒庄……这些都决定了这款酒是怎样的口感和质量。   因此在挑酒时不仅要识别酒标信息,还要有着基本的判断能力,或者在购买前参考酒评家的评分或者别人的意见,这样才能知道这款酒是否是自己想要的。   想要彼此拥有   认识她一段时间后,终于确定了自己的心意,那还等什么呢,快向她发起强烈的攻势吧,可是如何追到她又是一个难题。如果你不高、不富、不帅,那么也只能拿出你的真心将她俘获了。   追女生需要很多技巧,并不是付出就一定能得到回报。如果这个女孩真的很难追,你就要思考下她是否真的适合你,或者你是否需要花大价钱提升自己了。   寻觅过很多葡萄酒,终于在货架上看到了自己心仪的那一款,不论哪方面都看起来无可挑剔,完美的就像是酒瓶上写着自己的名字。   但在这个时候,你还需要注意,你是否有能力去承受这瓶酒的价钱。如果你只是一个普通的工薪阶层,却看中了一瓶康帝园的顶级黑比诺,除了立即去买彩票中大奖外,你的选择只有放弃。价钱在承受范围内,这才是一瓶适合你的好酒。   相处才知珍贵   都说婚姻像是一双鞋,试过的人才知道合不合适,你们终于确定了恋爱关系,开始细水长流的生活。从此以后,或许你们之间感情越来越深,彼此相处越来越和谐,最终相守到白头;也或许你们发现彼此并不是真的合适,最终放开了双手。而不论哪种结果,这段感情都需要双方用心的付出和维系,即使没有天长地久,这也是两人共同的美好回忆。   终于买到了自己心仪的葡萄酒,可要好好为它准备一个小窝,细心照顾着它。葡萄酒的保存是一门大学问,不当的保存条件可以让任何酒都黯然失色。挑一个好日子,开瓶自己心爱的好酒,它在杯中绽放着自己的光彩,完美的超乎想像,这种幸福感溢于言表。当然也有可能,由于不当的储存环境,这瓶酒已没有了完美的风味;或者在这期间变了口味,不再喜欢这样的酒,开瓶时它已经不再适合你了。   那么,请带着这次的经验,好好去挑选下一瓶酒吧。总有一天,你会挑到完美的葡萄酒。   由此看来,挑到一瓶好酒和娶到一个好老婆都不是一件容易的事,二者都不能勉强,只有付出精力与耐心,才能找到最合适自己的那一个。愿广大酒友能早日挑到一瓶心爱的好酒,也愿单身的朋友能早点找到一个好老婆,明年双十一只挑酒,不过节!   葡萄酒智库   微信公众号:wineku   wineku葡萄酒智库一个最具开放精神的葡萄酒信息分享交流平台。每天推送具有阅读价值的葡萄酒及周边信息。相关的主题文章: