The Pros And Cons Of Authority Sites And Minisites-darren hayes

Web-Hosting For years the debate has raged over which type of site you should build; mini sites or authority sites. Yet the way Google views these sites and their differences has now .e into debate by itself. It seems that mini sites no longer enjoy the favor with Google they once had. In the last few algorithm changes, though, the larger content rich sites seemed to have gained favor over the mini sites. This is Google’s way of attempting to provide their users with more relevant content in search results. Despite this, a mini site still has its place in your marketing efforts. If you’re building an authority site, it will take patience to see the level of results you would anticipate. Of course those results will also be tempered by the level of .petition you’re up against and the niche your site is in. You can certainly .pete in a crowded market – if you are willing to do what it takes to win. You’ll find it much easier if you steer away from the single-word keywords and aim at long-tail keywords instead, as well as creating backlinks that lead visitors to the inner pages of your site. These simple things will help your site to rank well for those more defined keyword phrases more easily. Be patient with this tactic, as it can take a little time. Most people are aware of the benefits to be had by creating authority websites. It seems that Google is also backing this growing trend. But there are long standing pluses with larger sites in terms of promotion and SEO. Authority sites offer you the opportunity to create backlinks to numerous internal pages of your site, which makes promotion and search engine ranking easier. Also think that you will eventually get voluntarily backlinked "to" by other sites if you have a good authority site. You can use mini sites for some specific purposes and get very good results. You should be able to rank well if you are marketing to different countries. You could focus your SEO in the country you were targeting and find a host for your mini site in that country. But, we suggest you do a test with that approach as we are not .fortable with saying it is a guaranteed hit. However, all of this pertains to Google and what they want, but on the other hand Google is not the only search engine. Yes, there is more traffic volume at Google, but you can specifically SEO for Bing and secondary search engines. If you’re looking to get good results from your mini sites, that’s one way to approach it. If you are struggling with the choice of building a minisite or authority site, then there is much to consider. The question seems to be asked more by the inexperienced online marketer. Still though, we all have our unique desires and goals for what we want to do. You will be happier doing business with those things that attract you. The site structures have similarities, and we feel it is best to understand what they are because that will be valuable knowledge. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: