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The police car plunged down. Eye injuries 23 stitches (Figure) original title: police car plunged down. Police injured Chinese daily news (reporter Wang Bin Intern Yang Xiaohan) injured car addicts leaps on, still stubbornly hold each other under the blood on his face, straight to work with colleagues and arrested him, only to go to the hospital treatment. The day before, and a police heroic behavior points to win many users praise. "23 stitches around the eyelids, the injured area if a few centimeters may be partial, eyes will be on the line." In this regard, the attending doctor can not help but squeeze a sweat for him. Before drug addicts after go to the hospital before the well-being of the Municipal Public Security Bureau police station in the West Branch of Hanbin drug-related personnel within the jurisdiction of a large inventory of activities in the area of drug-related criminal record personnel were detected when the investigation, found that drug addicts under compulsory detoxification Zhang in the two years after the release, there is suspicion of relapse. January 27th noon, the police Zhou Qiming and other 4 people in Ankang City Xingan vegetable market to find a rental house zhang. In the face of the police, Zhang calmly told the police, he has been addicted to quit. Subsequently, the police are ready to bring back to the police station for testing, Zhang just walked outside the stairs, Zhang suddenly opened Zhou Qiming fled. In the week after Zhang Qiming almost, a moving car battery inserted in the middle two people, so he jumps over the car battery week Qiming Zhang down, because of inertia bumped on the side of a tricycle. "At that time, the right eye was burning, and I saw Zhang also fell on the side, I quickly pressed it under the body, just two colleagues also rushed to come over, so we took it together." In the morning of January 29th, the China Merchants Daily reporter saw Zhou Qiming lying in bed in Ankang Central Hospital. According to him, to subdue the drug addicts, he found that the blood has been half of his face blurred, clothes are full of blood, and then he covered his right eye rushed to the nearby hospital for treatment. Eye seam 23 needle from the eyeball only a little bit after diagnosis and treatment, Zhou Qiming’s right eye eyelid around a lot of scratches, 23 stitches, chin also sewing 3 needles, when the Chinese commercial news reporter saw him, his face multiple wounds still blood. "To see the patient covered his right eye came to the hospital, hands, face are blood, the medical staff immediately launched treatment. Due to the serious swelling of his right eye, whether it will have an impact on vision, it needs to be further identified later." According to the hospital ophthalmologist Wu Gang introduction, Zhou Qiming in the injury, if a little bit, it is likely to hurt the eye, in that case, the consequences will be unimaginable. "Did not hurt the eye is very lucky, at that time did not think so much, but now I feel a little scared or." 45 year old Zhou Qiming smiled and said, "he has been from the police for 20 years," we are dealing with criminals all day long, injury is inevitable, this time is also relatively lucky, otherwise it may not be able to become police professional. I hope the injury can be improved as soon as possible, so as not to let my family spend the Spring Festival worry for me." According to Yin Zhengming, head of the police station of Hexi police station, has carried out drug detection to drug addicts Zhang, and the result is 2

民警飞身跃车扑倒瘾君子 眼部受伤缝23针(图)   原标题:民警飞身跃车扑倒瘾君子 受伤民警   华商报讯(记者 王斌 实习生 杨筱涵)飞身跃车缉拿吸毒者时受伤,血流满面之下仍死死按住对方,直到配合同事将其抓获后,才自行前往医院治疗。日前,安康一位民警的英勇行为赢得不少网友点赞。“眼睑周围缝了23针,受伤的部位要是偏个几厘米,可能眼睛就保不住了。”对此,主治医生也不禁为他捏了一把汗。   制伏吸毒者后才去医院   日前,安康市公安局汉滨分局河西派出所开展辖区内涉毒人员大清查活动,在对辖区内有涉毒前科人员进行检测排查时,发现吸毒人员张某在被强制戒毒两年释放后,有复吸的嫌疑。   1月27日中午,该所民警周启明等4人在安康城区兴安菜市场一出租屋内找到张某。面对民警,张某神色淡定地告诉民警,自己已经将毒瘾戒掉。随后民警准备将张某带回派出所接受检测,刚行至楼梯口外,张某突然推开周启明后逃跑。就在周启明几乎追上张某时,一辆行进中的电瓶车穿插在了两人中间,情急之下周启明纵身跃过电瓶车将张某扑倒后,因惯性一下撞在了旁边一辆三轮车上。   “当时右眼火辣辣地疼,看到张某也倒在了一旁,我赶忙将其压在身下,刚好两名同事也赶了过来,于是我们合力将其拿下。”1月29日上午,华商报记者在安康市中心医院见到了躺在病床上的周启明。据他介绍,制伏这名吸毒者后,他才发现鲜血已经将自己的半边脸模糊了,衣服上也满是血迹,随后他捂着右眼赶到了附近的医院治疗。   眼部缝23针 离眼球只差一点点   经诊治,周启明的右眼眼睑四周多处被划伤,缝了23针,下巴处也缝了3针,华商报记者见到他时,其脸上多处伤口仍有血迹。   “看到这位患者捂着右眼来到医院,手上、脸上都是鲜血,在场的医护人员马上展开救治。由于他的右眼部位严重肿胀,是否会对视力有影响,需要在之后才能进一步鉴定。”据该院眼科医生吴刚介绍,周启明在受伤时,要是偏一点点,很可能会伤及眼球,那样的话后果将不堪设想。   “没伤及眼球就是万幸,当时没想那么多,不过现在觉得还是有些后怕。”45岁的周启明笑着说,自己从警已经20年,“ 我们整天打交道的都是犯罪分子,受伤是难免的事,这次也算比较幸运,否则可能就干不成警察这个职业了。希望伤情能尽快好转,免得让家人过春节都替我担心。”   据河西派出所的刑警队长尹正明介绍,目前已对吸毒者张某进行了毒品检测,检查结果呈阳性。张某本人对其1月27日吸食冰毒一事供认不讳。目前,张某已被汉滨分局执行强制隔离戒毒两年。 责任编辑:刘德宾 SN222相关的主题文章: