The owner of the 11 double save the next 2000 ocean 9c8996

11, 2000 a double owner went to the ocean once a year "double 11 big promotion, the electricity supplier bigwigs have started a fierce war – grab a red envelope, in advance to buy pre-sale, live shopping, and even play through, 50 percent off, 70 percent off, a discount on discount Mandaijie visible. However, as a car owners, small series of more hope to be able to double 11 to see such a discount: • • • • this life is estimated to see such a "double 11", blue thin, letinous edodes ~ ~ don’t be blue! Easy car 2016 car service, double 11 "heavy pound hits! Vehicle refueling, vehicle violation, vehicle inspection, can enjoy the "double 11" preferential hand chop! During 1, free to do illegal activities, the owners in the car easy to receive free coupons, orders can be directly offset the illegal fees for illegal free! Free of charge! Free of charge! 2, 1 yuan of illegal ticket seckill price 10 yuan, 30 yuan of illegal securities, $30 annual coupon, during the event, only 1 yuan! Fight luck, hand speed when coming! 3, the price of 5 grab fuel card, refueling as low as the original price of 500 yuan refueling card, buying price of $250 for refueling refueling package, all packages on the basis of the original discount discount, the price as low as 14% off! 4, car service card super low limit grab the original price of 168 yuan car card, buying price of $11! Car business card in hand, one year violation fee free! 11 yuan package throughout the year, the price is low to no friends! Activity time: November 9th -11 month 10 days: all the new and old customers to dealers may participate in the way of participation: APP WeChat Alipay car to the public service window QQ public website this year 11, more sincere, less routine, in November 9th, the rush to open on time!相关的主题文章: