The New District staged the whole martial arts businesses to seize the market selling sand strike vi-ca1871

The New District staged the whole martial arts businesses selling sand to seize the market new district in the eastern suburbs of Xi’an strike violently selling sand merchants to seize the market strike violently. Western network (Shaanxi radio and television "City Express" reporter She Yanfeng) recently, a district in the eastern suburbs of Xi’an has just completed, the owners are in the decoration, and to seize the market, between inside and outside the district to sell the sand merchants have staged a full martial arts. The reporter learned that, in Xi’an City Star Road in Shaanxi mills families of newly built three buildings for a total of more than and 800 households, is currently stepping up its renovation, yard tiles, building materials, wire and so on point of sale of everything, and this sand naturally became a hotly contested spot business. Reporter: sand sell?" Merchant: 4 a bag." Reporter: outside the house to sell 3, not cheap? Merchant: not cheap." Merchant: "inside the house, we sell a sand." Owner: "I bought the sand inside, I heard that the sand out of the sand." The district where there are people selling sand, small also sell sand, small selling sand has the authority to sell, outside the district wants to sell in, have to be relatively constrained residential side, only the owners to pick himself, to enter, and this is the problem of selling sand, yesterday in the area to go out. Today, when reporters rushed to the hospital to see the families of Shaanxi steel outside the south gate, a commercial vehicle damage situation is very serious, the car all glass has been damaged, there is also a trail of blood, under the seat and a broken stick, and one for sand cement advertising on the front windshield, but now I do not know who took. Informed sources told reporters that this car is a temporary takeaway business district to discuss the point of the sand, and at about five yesterday afternoon, the car was besieged. Eyewitness: "yesterday afternoon five points, to twenty or thirty people, with a pick up." Injured: suddenly came a group of people, nothing to say on the beat." Witness: "move quickly, a few minutes before and after all gone." Reporter: "hurt a few people?" Injured: four people." Reporter: who hit you?" The injured: there are some areas to sell the sand, and some Zhang people." Reporter: do you know?" Injured: must know." The reporter learned that, in addition to four injured in a minor injury, the remaining three different degree of fracture, are hospitalized in the Red Cross Hospital, while the injured tianshifu say, is responsible for residential property entrusted decoration site, maintenance is solely responsible for maintenance during residential decoration of the order. The batterer is about him? Reporter: who hit the door?" Manager Zhang: "I do not know, I sat on the inside, then came in two people, with a machete with a pick up, straight to cut me." Yesterday afternoon, the first hit the door area after the incident, the injured field Master went into the area to find a manager Zhang theory, but fortunately no one was injured in the second conflict. At present.相关的主题文章: