The moon cake business survey OEM price over 10 times do not look at the price of the new net – sell darren hayes

Mooncake survey: OEM businesses do not look at the price of 10 times the price doubled at Beijing sell – there are three days, the Mid Autumn Festival is the future. In recent years, astronomical moon cake, corruption moon cake gradually reduced, but the moon cake industry is still not reached the point of reassuring. Hundreds of dollars on the market, the real value of how much? Quality can be guaranteed? The name of a variety of flavors of various materials signs of moon cake, the stuffing is really the "genuine goods at a fair price"? This newspaper for you one by one interpretation. When you taste moon cakes, will you think about where it comes from? In the shops, bakeries and restaurants have shelves moon, but a pastry chef claimed that many of the hotel and not their own production of pastry fillings. Because the cost is too high, filling almost entirely from the processing factory. OEM businesses directly after the sale, the price can pull 10 times higher. This reporter even cake box but 60 into the hotel to sell 300 in Ji’nan specializing in cakes and processing of Mr. Chen, in fact, many hotels and restaurants to taste and quality of moon cake is not too much, but pay more attention to the moon cake style and appearance design. For example, some restaurants, they are only during the Mid Autumn Festival moon cake, as long as the moon cake with a specific brand name and the word is enough, in fact, a number of gimmicks." Chen said that the general hotel is divided into two cases. Some hotels have their own pastry chef and oven, can do a small amount of handmade moon cake. However, the price of this kind of moon cakes are generally very high, high-grade packaging, almost sold to four hundred or five hundred yuan. Some hotel is only looking for OEM, moon cake manufacturers processing, Mr. Chen to Ji’nan many hotels and restaurants and processing the five Jen moon. Chen said that the cost of a pound of five Ren moon cake is only about $30. However, in the hotel and restaurant, together with packaging and trademarks, the price of these moon cakes can be doubled. Even the same moon cake, sell different hotel prices also vary, with this gift packaging, especially the hotel is. "A 8 to 10 moon cake gift box, almost a pound or so, the cost is about 30 yuan, but the price is very likely to take away, a box of 88 yuan. If you change a high-end box, in four star hotel will be able to sell a box of $168, or even 298 yuan a box. The higher the star, the higher the price, the higher the profit." Ji’nan, a manufacturer of packing box of the company’s sales staff, at present a high point of the packing box for about ten dollars a, a 8 moon cake, hard shell paper packaging boxes, about 30 yuan. In other words, 8 pieces of a box of moon cake, even with the cost of the box with a box of fifty or sixty dollars. But they bring the hotel and pastry room of the so-called brand, the price can reach hundreds or even hundreds of dollars. Sold out to sell the feelings of culture, but did not mention the manufacturer who is in Ji’nan, near the East Road, a large hotel, the first floor of the hall to open up the Mid Autumn Festival moon cake area. In order to meet the Mid Autumn Festival reunion rich meaning, the hotel launched a series of 7 gift boxes, each box has a name, such as "full of silently conveyed tenderness", like beauty, 7 months of wealth相关的主题文章: