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The luxury appraisers can determine the name of the package   three watches genuine – Fashion – original title: Secret LUXURY appraisers can determine the name of the package and watch three spend tens of thousands of dollars to buy designer bags, you worry about is false? Online sellers under the "overseas purchasing" commitment, can ensure that each of the brand-name bags are genuine? There is a special occupation, the smell, the fastest 3 seconds will be able to identify you to buy brand-name bags is true or false. For four years, bag luxury appraisers Luo touched no less than 20 thousand, he hopes to build a luxury Museum, let more people understand the contact of luxury goods, luxury goods, no longer feel distant. It takes a lot of time and money to develop a "luxury appraiser", a profession that is "luxury"". * * *: see the prospect of luxury consumption he went to Shanghai to a "miss you, this bag is a problem." In Monument for Liberation, a second-hand luxury shops, luxury appraisers Luo pointed to the front of a new Chanel said. "How could! This is my good friend brought back from abroad, spent 30 thousand." Is the owner of the bag that Luo wrong. "Your friends have to give you a small ticket counter? Have you checked your ID card number? There is no evidence of a direct mail courier?" Face questioning Luo layers, the customer is not clear that sequence of events suddenly lost confidence. Then, he patiently took out a stack of pictures to explain to her, "do you see the LOGO package of screws, embossing, obvious and genuine is not the same, and the package price more than 40 thousand, purchasing a minimum of more than 30 thousand, 30 thousand yuan basically can not buy." See the "evidence", the customer only loose mouth, turn away. Enter the luxury appraisal industry for nearly 4 years, Luo met too many such "Wulong" incident. With purchasing, micro business, scouring the sea, such as the purchase of an endless stream of imitation of imitation of technical means to update the product, more and more difficult to distinguish between true and false luxury. Buy a bag, buy a table, the most afraid of is to buy fake, this time you need an authority to do the support of the identification body." 4 years ago, is the value of the luxury consumer market prospects, Luo gave up then the clothing business, enter this line. He did not follow the crowd to engage in purchasing, do micro business, but from another perspective, identification of true and false. However, when luxury appraisers in this industry in Chongqing has not only become budding, go north of Guangzhou who developed local learn". Heard that the industry has called Li Wentao a luxury appraisers are very famous, Luo try holding the mentality to give him a message in micro-blog, finally to contact. Then, the Luo immediately fly to Shanghai ticket to visit. As a result, only to know Shanghai, Li Wentao went to Chengdu to do training, and then rushed to Chengdu overnight. At night, the terribly fatigued striking one snag after another, Luo finally met Li Wentao. It is the same age, close to professional sports two people feel, chat late, Luo also became the first disciple of Li Wentao in China, followed the master into the door. Mill)相关的主题文章: