The long winter is about to kill! It’s time to get a warm

The long winter is about to kill! It is time to buy warm artifact lead: autumn is coming, winter be far away! Small partners, are you ready to meet this more cold than in previous years, more snow in winter? This year’s autumn arrived, the rain gave us a head-on blow, heating is not coming back to the daily cold room a little love. If you are also faced with no heating problems, may wish to look at these 4 warm artifact, enough to make you get rid of "bad cold".   hot water to your warm bed surrounded by Zerobody is jointly launched by the Starpool and brain water health research company spa company Neocogita design a heating. When lying in the above, can feel the feeling of floating, it is also called "dry water" (dry pool). In the "floating" process, the body produces endorphins will suppress the transmission of pain signals, make people feel happy. In addition, the supporting NU RELAX provides a dedicated meditation session for this design, you can listen to audio to allow the body to relax completely. There is a black sheep: a home hot water Zerobody, lie on how to enjoy only people who used to feel. Practical: * * * index index: appearance assumes "Egloo" indoor heater for modern people for reckless spending power, with the design of Marco Zagaria made a strong comeback. He designed an indoor heater called "Egloo", which is unique in that it uses a candle to provide a cheap and environmentally friendly heat. Ingenious design is the heat stored way, the heat will be released instead of cooling quickly, even in a period of time was also continued to blow out after heating. Egloo is made up of four elements: the main base, the shelf, and the top of the two. The base is provided with the position of the candle, and the top cover can be heated once ignited. The metal frame will be used as the base and the top of the "skeleton", but also to maintain the circulation of the air to help the candle burning. The thinner layer is located in the center of the center, which has a high thermal efficiency and can store heat for a long time. The top cover is in the air can absorb and release heat to slow. A prodigal: furnace full of exotic, open temperature, light see enough warm. Practical: * * * index index: appearance assumes MIITO drink a cup of hot water and elegant MIITO  elegant, circular base plastic covered with glass surface, only one capacitive touch button, switch to play the role, no miscellaneous operation. A stainless steel heating rod is arranged in the center, and the upper end is covered with black silica gel material. MIITO electromagnetic induction heating, similar to the induction cooker. The water filled cup on the center of the base, the heating rod is inserted into the water.相关的主题文章: