The Golden Horse singing variable the scene of the accident Stefanie Sun as a result of a cold – Soh liuxiaobo

The Golden Horse singing variable the scene of the accident? Stefanie Sun: because of the cold – best Sohu Stefanie Sun sang out of tune entertainment is Tucao Sohu entertainment news (Hu Tao paper clip) 53 Golden Horse Awards Awards competition is fierce and the performance of the singer caused concern, has become a topic. Long mountain horse grand debut singer Stefanie Sun singing, originally anticipated, but a mouth not in tune, also repeatedly broken sound, show time to become the "accident"   in this regard, Stefanie Sun belongs to universal records responded that " received the golden horse; the offer, she was ready for more than 2 months. Reporters yesterday rehearsal has found that she caught a cold, but she also admitted that from Monday to cold, but still according to the original plan to Taiwan, but try to! Some heart? I hope that we can support, like all of the guests, with support horse feast determination in the mind, do not want to be put out. " after the concert, Stefanie Sun also issued a document in micro-blog admit poor state, tone lost: so long to get the performance of the final show so imperfect. Really very uncomfortable. Sorry horse. The cold has tried, trouble you don’t take off powder, trouble forwarding some good video."   相关的主题文章: