The gang with fake blood pengci made traffic accident is found after police

The gang with fake blood pengci made traffic accident is found after police chase original title: arrogant! Fake blood pengci also chopped police Guangzhou daily news (reporter Li Dong correspondent Ma Liuping, Zhang Yitao) Guangzhou Huadu police briefing yesterday, the day before yesterday, Huadu police quickly cracked a case of hindering the implementation of duties, cut the off-duty police suspects were all arrested. It is reported that the gang in Guangzhou Huadu, Zengcheng, Baiyun and Dongguan and other places, many cases of alleged "if" the implementation of the case to blackmail and impose exactions on fake blood, for the implementation of the "pengci tools of crime". In November 6th 15, Huadu District Public Security Bureau off-duty police officer leaves in the rest time driving private cars traveling to the Huadu District Flower Town Pinbu road is road, met a man holding a pipe passing vehicles suspected of intentional collision, deliberately creating traffic accidents pengci cases. See this situation, leaf police officer did not hesitate, immediately parked the car on the roadside, get off the front to educate and stop the man’s illegal behavior. Subsequently, the man called a license plate for the Guangdong R× × × K5 of the black car, the car went down to two men and one woman, one of the men from the car with a machete attack and the officer leaves to be chopped. After that, three men and one woman drove the vehicle from the east to the west, escaping from the scene. The incident caused the left elbow and left rib of the left side of the injured officer. The wound was sutured and treated by the hospital. After the incident, the Guangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau attaches great importance to solve the case as soon as possible to arrest suspects. At the same time, Huadu District Public Security Bureau of Interpol brigade organization, Huashan station, Shiling security office set up a task force to carry out investigation work. After verification, the suspect driving for clone car license plate. The task force found the suspect vehicle tracking: Guangzhou high-speed fled towards the direction of Guangzhou, and has fled to the town of Changping Dongguan city area. The task force also to grasp, the car appeared in Guangzhou Huadu, Zengcheng, Baiyun and Dongguan, suspected cases with pengci case of blackmail and impose exactions on implementation. Through investigation, the task force to lock the record personnel temperature (male, 20 years old, Yingde City, Guangdong province) has a major crime suspects. November 7th, 15 am, the task force rushed to Dongguan City, Changping chased criminal suspects. The continuous tracking of up to 5 hours of waiting, the police at 20:30 PM arrested a 13 suspect, the crime seized 3 vehicles, "pengci" with fake blood and other tools for committing crimes. At present, the case is under further investigation.

团伙用假血碰瓷制造交通事故 被识破后追砍交警   原标题:嚣张!假血碰瓷还砍伤交警   广州日报讯 (记者李栋 通讯员马柳萍、张毅涛) 广州花都警方昨日通报,前日,花都警方快速破获一宗阻碍执行职务案,砍伤休班交警的犯罪嫌疑人悉数落网。据悉,该团伙在广州花都、增城、白云以及东莞等地出现,涉嫌多宗以“碰瓷”方式实施敲诈勒索的案件,以假血为作案工具实施“碰瓷”。   11月6日15时许,花都区公安分局休班交警叶警官在休息时间驾驶私家小轿车行驶至花都区花山镇平步大道平西路口,遇见一名男子手持一支水管故意碰撞过往的车辆,疑似故意制造交通事故“碰瓷”案件。看到这样的情形,叶警官没有丝毫犹豫,立即将车停靠在路边,下车上前教育并制止该名男子的违法行为。   随后,该名男子叫来一辆车牌为粤R×××K5的黑色小轿车,车上走下来两男一女,其中一名男子从车上拿下一把大砍刀攻击叶警官并将其砍伤。之后,三男一女驾驶车辆沿平步大道由东向西逃离现场。事件造成叶警官左手肘部及左侧背肋部受伤,经医院治疗,伤口做缝合处理,伤情无大碍。   案发后,广州市公安局高度重视,要求尽快缉拿嫌疑人,全力破案。同时,花都区公安分局组织刑警大队、花山派出所、狮岭治安办成立专案组开展侦查工作。   经核实,嫌疑人驾驶的车牌为套牌车。专案组追踪发现:该嫌疑车辆经广清高速往广州方向逃窜,并一直逃到东莞市常平镇一带。专案组还掌握到,该车在广州花都、增城、白云以及东莞等地出现,涉嫌多宗以“碰瓷”方式实施敲诈勒索的案件。   通过侦查,专案组锁定前科人员温某(男,20岁,广东省英德市人)有重大作案嫌疑。11月7日15时许,专案组赶赴东莞市常平镇追捕犯罪嫌疑人。经长达5个小时的连续跟踪守候,民警于20时30分许抓获温某等13名犯罪嫌疑人,缴获作案车辆3辆、“碰瓷”用的假血等作案工具一批。   目前,该案正在进一步侦办中。相关的主题文章: