The first series found that maternal sweet sugar and crystal Lollipop – Sohu pigeon blood

"The first time that series sweet and crystal sugar" Lollipop – Sohu "first mother found" is a popular science book, I bought the first series of eye perspective series, a total of 42. Each theme, mostly children are interested in or common things, such as: "shape", "digital", "time", "dinosaur", "Butterfly", "parrot", etc.. The most prominent feature of this book is from the common description of the phenomenon, continuously extended, no matter in the knowledge of the depth and scope of coverage is more comprehensive, and the language is plain and clear, suitable for children to understand. I do not have to take out all at once, but in reading other books when the relevant single book. For example, Mia at the age of four, I had a train class picture book collection, this collection is a book by Mia — "the polar express" love was extended from. While watching the polar express, I found the first discovery series train, and Mia to understand the technical knowledge and train. For example, this period of time Mia particularly like dinosaurs, I singled out the corresponding "dinosaur", "Volcano" and "Earth" to expand the background knowledge of Mia. This "sweet sugar", from the beginning of the Egyptians to sugar, types and uses of sugar sugar is introduced, how to produce, and the important role of sugar on the growth of the human body. Needless to say, to see the full page every kind of brightly coloured sugar, Mia will soon drop out slobber. There are three sweets in the back of the book, which can be read with the children. However, a lot of material inside of me are not, therefore, we did another experiment crystal lollipop. This experiment is 4 year old child of the complexity of the Mia, most of the operations done by me, but does not prevent her to participate in the best of spirits. The materials used are water, sugar, pigment, wooden sticks, clip, glasses and a thick milk pot. Mix water and sugar in a pot, according to the ratio of 3:5 at this time, most of the sugar will not melt. It doesn’t matter, put it on the stove to heat, stir gently, the sugar will soon melt, and so on after the water becomes clear and transparent, continue to heat for about fifteen minutes. Water heating, do not need special care, can do other preparatory work. Two drops of pigment at the bottom of each glass. Stick with syrup, roll sugar, I use the disposable chopsticks. When the water boil after 15 minutes, turn off the heat, such as sugar bubble disappears, can pour into the pigment cup. Be careful, the syrup is still very high. With syrup pigment red, not stirring, easy to bubble. The next half an hour or so, sugar is not hot, with a wooden stick clip clip, slowly add sugar, please don’t touch the cup bottom and side. The rest is to be patient. 35 days later the crystallization will slowly form, and more and more, the process needs to be completely static, can not be stirred, moving. I put two pictures, one is placed after 3 days of crystal, one is placed for 5 days, the contrast is obvious. You can take the crystal out of the size you want. The effect of crystal clear me相关的主题文章: