The first real iPhone 7 plus after the update function like Simulation of the shallow depth of field

The first real iPhone 7 Plus after the update function like: Simulation of the shallow depth of field effect is similar to monocular, but use conditions Limited – Sohu technology Apple Push iOS 10.1 update in the morning, which has a new feature is iPhone 7 Plus can now use "formal portrait function"! Switch to portrait mode after you can easily create a shallow depth of field effect, handle properly over monocular shot out of the feeling, we took photos and provide the following conditions we found limited reference for readers. Don’t know if you remember in the previous "decryption iPhone 7 Plus dual lens: 12 Q& mode of operation iPhone A mentioned in the thorough study of the two lens to work" in the 7 Plus dual lens, as the portrait effect need to use a telephoto lens (switch to portrait mode picture will become like a general picture the effect of 2x), so you want to use the portrait mode is light enough to be the first restriction. The light is not enough, the screen will jump out "need more light" tips. The general picture. The general model of 2x camera. The portrait mode. Like other can simulate the shallow depth of field of the mobile phone, iPhone 7, Plus wants to take a photograph of the shallow depth of field also need to put the object within a certain distance, the interface is required to be indicated on the theme of the lens within 2.5 meters distance, compared to HTC or Samsung is about 50 cm away, but also too close no, if the subject distance lens less than 30 cm, the screen will jump out "from a distance" message, so want to take pictures of good prospects in deep, the object is the best distance between 30 to 250 cm is appropriate. Even if cannot make a depth and pictures will tell the user the instant jump instructions how to adjust the camera position. Basically, as long as enough light, moderate distance, you can shoot photos with depth, the depth of field if you want advanced photos may look good, recommended the subject object outline more clearly better, this software is not in the calculation of fuzzy edge problem. The above and below as an example, the general model of 2x effect, the portrait mode effect, can see the background blur to create depth of feeling, but because the crystal lamp is transparent in portrait mode, some edges will be fuzzy, suggest when taking pictures like this can find at the end of the "photo" paradigm to, obvious profile items for the camera body effect will be better. Photo – like this close enough, enough to clear the object contour, portrait mode pictures are very good. The full depth of field effect simulation of nature, the more near the front of the more clear, more fuzzy, but not from the front to the fuzzy consistent. 3)相关的主题文章: