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The final round of Lin Xiyu by rain spoiler tour more than regret Evian surprise Lin Xiyu final round encounter rain spoiler sina sports news Beijing on September 19th news, Lin Xiyu Sunday ended Evian Championship final round of the competition. This is the fourth time this year that she cut in a grand slam, the week before the game round she played very well, but today it is underperforming, swallow 5 bogeys, only caught 1 birds, over four round 283 bar (68-71-69-75), ranked tied for thirtieth place. The race to the final round, the players on the pitch and fiery, and God has wound up in the rain, because of heavy rain caused the fairway water seriously, before the match half has been very slow, Lin Xiyu frankly has always been good in bad weather they play, "my first cold, afraid of rain second this time, are accounted for." Lin Xiyu shook his head helplessly and said, "every year I come here to meet all kinds of challenges, to the 6 time in the 4 rain. 2013 simply reduced to 54 holes, I heard that next year will change the green." But before Thursday, Evian town are sunny, suitable temperature. From the first round of the game, the four day the rain continued, the temperature dropped to the stadium, fans, many wearing a coat. Lin Xiyu played in the 18 hole. This is Lin Xiyu sixth times in the Evian championship, the beginning of the year in March due to a shoulder injury, the game she is unable to fight, "the kick total crooked, push rod distance control is not very good. Although she said the game is normal play, but there are still some shortcomings, will certainly regret, or to learn more experience, accept it." Nevertheless, but each round, the 20 year old girl is smiling out of the stadium, do not see too many lost from her face, "in fact, throughout the year to date have not too much pressure, card insurance card games played, the promotion. What you need to think about is how to win the game." She admits that she needs more experience. The end of the Evian trip, although regrettable, but for more surprises for Lin Xiyu, "Webb caddy is my good friend, his wife yesterday to give birth to the child, because Webb did not qualify for this thing, so her caddy in advance in order to fly home for his wife birth, we are very happy for him." Friends help her resolve wedding tension of the game, she also said the environment itself makes her relaxed, "little town, everyone can live very near, so often met, just like everyone gathered in a local holiday, feel good." Lin Xiyu decided to return to Beijing as soon as possible, in this week’s group match, and Shi Yuting, Liu Yu, Feng Simin, on behalf of the Beijing team. She obviously wants to find her way to win more games. Next she will aim at the Asian Games, including the Sanya women’s open championship. (Li Renshu from France Evian)相关的主题文章: