The film star is worth exploring tomb system

The film is worth exploring tomb system became popular recently, will be adapted for the popular IP network drama, film has become the trend in the movie. The "ghost chuideng" Tomb notes "and other novels adapted from the film and television works, became a major site traffic act. In the movie screen, tomb films also show gold "powerful", one example is: this summer released "Tomb notes", the cumulative box office has broken one billion yuan. The tomb system works, whether it is "Tomb notes" in the stuffy oil bottle, or "ghost chuideng" the ghoul, are set to have the feeling of heroism. A pedestrian on the tomb is to pour Dou, "passive" rather than "active", and even your feelings. They fight, hide knives, find organs spraining…… Crossed the hurdles, not only the final success of Indiana, is outrageous. Another story tomb virtual space, and now seems unrelated. However, unfortunately, in reality, in the tomb cases are often found in newspapers. In Hunan large excavation of ancient tombs Series in the case of criminal gangs, crazy excavation in the Warring States period large ancient tombs, Han tombs, Changsha King chamber and the Ming Dynasty and the Qing Dynasty tombs of ancient tombs etc.. As a result, not only a large number of cultural relics have been stolen, but also the historical and cultural features of the tombs have been severely damaged and destroyed. In another case, a tomb raider, many techniques are acquired from the tomb novels in. These thieves may face punishment in the criminal law of our country clearly written. If as a yardstick, the film "hero" is also estimated to escape. The movie "Tomb notes" the hero Wu evil, even if he had a sincere heart to fall under the tomb, protect cultural relics for the purpose, but is probably the wrong way, rely on the police force and professional archaeologists is clearly more appropriate. In addition, under the name of "Wu opening for three years" antique shop, Crescent Hotel, is also a link in a chain of cultural relics of the theft of stolen goods. As a result, the hero may also suspected in the criminal law of the crime of trafficking in cultural relics. Back to the ancient China, rulers of the tomb behavior are also advocated to punish. Chinese ancient family as a unit, attaches great importance to the patriarchal relations, reveres the ancestors, which is in the law are reflected more. For example, the Han Dynasty stipulates: "send the grave to theives punishment", also have "after the beginning of autumn, and following the heel Sikou at the door, the blood flow of people on the road.". To the Tang Dynasty, "tanglvshuyi" Volume 19 stipulates: "has opened the coffin, and not twist; all acts, three years." "Yuan Shi" a "thief", "written in the hair mound, has open the tomb with theft, open coffin was destroyed with the robber, bones, bones and wounding" emphasizes the damage damage is the same for living. "Qing law" "Zhong", the 36 cases were at the crime; 22 regulations, the content is also very detailed. Outside the law, social morality and ethics also play a role in the tomb in the prohibition. The Tomb Raider "die" and "retribution" and other concepts, also discouraged any deterrence, the idea of the tomb. It is worth noting that the ancient lawmakers in such harsh terms of warning and punishment Report相关的主题文章: