The female pingpong World Cup will be held on behalf of Liu Shiwen Ding Ning China – Sohu in the Uni-aapt.exe

The female pingpong World Cup will be held on behalf of Liu Shiwen Ding Ning China participating sports   – Sohu in the United States; Beijing time on August 29th, the International Table Tennis Federation announced the 2016 Nvping world cup time and place, and the list of participating players. As with the Nanping World Cup, Nvping world cup is the International Table Tennis Federation competitions according to the invitation, there are two contestants in each association only. This year, the female pingpong World Cup will be held October 7th -9, held in Philadelphia in the United states. Just get the Rio Olympic gold medal in the women’s singles Ding Ning, and became the Olympic champion Liu Shiwen will play together. Liu Shiwen is the Tournament Championship four times, last year’s World Cup in Sendai, she beat the host in the women’s singles final Ishikawa Kasumi win. But then won the silver medal Ishikawa Kasumi, as well as the bronze medal of the German player, Sod, have created their national women’s singles World Championship singles best results. Released from the International Table Tennis Federation’s new entry list column, Ai Fukuhara, Ishikawa Kasumi, and other famous Saul good could not compete. The players in Europe basic to the European Cup ranking to determine the champion, Shen Yanfei of Spain, Turkey Hou Mei Ling, second runner up Liu Jia of Austria, fourth in Romania, Samarra, fifth in Austria, Kano, sixth German Bohr EVA winter et al, the female pingpong World Cup qualification. In Asia, North Korea xiaoqiushou several Jin Dynasty, Li Mingshun in did not qualify. In addition to the Asian Cup runner up Li Xiaoxia’s absence, Liu Shiwen champion, runner up Feng Tian Wei, fourth Tie Yana, fifth Hirano Miu, sixth Itou Micheng, seventh, eighth in the Jiang Hua? Mengyu and ninth in South Korea also qualify Liang Ying xia. Wang Liqin former team mate in the former Shanghai, Tan Zhenhua, this will represent Australia, her identity is the Oceania cup champion. In addition, the United States, North America champion finalist, Zhang an outside the card players selected. (Beach)相关的主题文章: