The exposure jinyingquan and Hengda farewell will go to the European record transfer fee to hinder S-crycry

The exposure jinyingquan and Hengda farewell will go to the European record transfer fee to hinder Sohu sports   October 30th Beijing time news, South Korean media reports, recently rumored Super League champions Guangzhou Evergrande’s South Korean defender Jin Yingquan will leave: Hengda has been in this year’s League AFC Champions League was eliminated early, and lock ahead of this season’s super champion. He and Hengda farewell reason not because the injury or poor performance and other reasons, because it seems to want to challenge the European league." Since July 2012 to join Hengda, Kim has been the mainstay of Hengda, more than 4 years, he grew up to be indispensable to the team main force guard. For Kim, either before the coach or coach Lippi Scolari are full of praise, Lippi described him as "Kim to Europe no matter which club, can play the main. I this is not a joke or a courtesy "; and Scolari was asked in a constant group which players can gain a foothold in the European League, also points to a jinyingquan name. Because the South Korean team in the 2012 London Olympic Games men’s soccer team won the bronze medal project, jinyingquan was exempt from military service, which makes his occupation career has been more time and freedom: "now has over 26 years of age he has sufficient conditions to challenge the European league." Korean media pointed out that it is a springboard for Hengda jinyingquan, joining the Super League, he wants to play in Europe’s desire has not changed. In August 23, 2015, Kim and constant renewal of 4 years, the external part of public opinion thought, this is Hengda "die" rhythm, but in fact, the contract has a buyout clause, initially, Hengda proposed is 9 billion 400 million won (about 56 million yuan). This means that if a European team bid to reach 9 billion 400 million won, Hengda will be released, but Kim believes is too high, after consultation, the adjustment of the price tag, his agent Jin Chenghao did not disclose the specific amount: "although after the adjustment, but can estimate this cost is still the price level." South Korean media believes that the astronomical transfer fee will make many European clubs prohibitive." At present, jinyingquan in South Korea. At the same time in secret and some European club contact. Korean media said, Jin Yingquan, Hong is good super effective in South Korea International in the round of 12 2018 Russia World Cup Asian zone was being shelled "China" (technical regress), serious if the future join level higher European League team, undoubtedly its personal occupation career and hanguoguo foot that is good news. Reported that although the income in the super rich, but the game may not help growth is an indisputable fact. (Mai Yuan)相关的主题文章: