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The dormitory after a noisy nearly 600 girls stand – Sohu news   China Baoji daily news (reporter Ding Yu) the evening, nearly 600 girls were sent in the dormitory station? In September 27th, Qishan County, one of the parents to reflect China Daily, a week ago, because a girl in the evening noisy, high school teacher punished the Yidian floor nearly 600 girls standing accommodation to the next day at 5 a.m.. A senior vice president Yidian said, standing is true, but the students only in the outdoor station for half an hour. For the practice of punishment, some people think it is wrong, but also expressed support for the public. The student: standing at 5, a lot of people cold Mary (a pseudonym) in the Qishan County senior high school sophomore Yidian, because far from home, and parents are working in the field, on the choice of the boarding school. In September 25th, Mary’s father, Mr. Wang from outside the home to see her daughter when found, she kept a runny nose, asked that the September 20th, the teacher asked the students to stand in the corridor almost all night. Mary told China Daily reporter, in late September 20th, and his classmates next night, back to the dormitory after the wash, ready to sleep, and in a dormitory with a high school girl at 10:30 in the evening after lights out, still shouting. "At this time, the teacher let all high school students put on clothes, outside the dormitory." Mary said, when the teacher sternly scolded you, then let everyone back to the corridor standing, not to stand back to the room to sleep, the next day at 5 a.m.. With the same dormitory Mary Xiaofang (a pseudonym) said, then stand outside in the cold is not, but the teacher is not allowed to enter the dormitory, many students have a cold. Mr. Wang heard her daughter suffered after very angry, "the teacher education of children are girls but no ground for blame, after all, the weather is cold, cold night is very heavy, when the teacher education should pay attention to the scale." In September 27th, the China Daily reporter interviewed several high school girls in the school, they both said the evening of 20 is teacher collective stand to the next day at 5 a.m.. The school responded: outdoor stand is only half an hour to Vice President Yidian high school Tang Cheng told China Daily reporter, said, let them stand is true. At 10:30 in the night of the incident lights, a girl because of accommodation are not used to living in the dormitory, loudly, seriously affected the other students rest, so the teacher of this building will be nearly 600 girls from downstairs. Tang Cheng introduced, although the stand is true, but the long standing with parents and students reflect the different understanding, after the school, students only in the outdoor station for half an hour, at around 11 PM have all returned to the dormitory rest, afterwards didn’t let the students stand in the building stand. In the video control room of dormitory, the China Daily reporter from the transfer of the monitor screen to see the girls, at 10:32 in the evening, is concentrated on the first floor of the dormitory door, about 11 in the evening, the girls began to return to the building, because there is no camera installed in the corridor of the school dormitory, so it was unable to verify.相关的主题文章: