The dog bites a number of passers-by flows around the most serious leg was bitten a hole in Beijing

The dog bites a number of passers-by flows around the most serious leg bitten a hole – Beijing and flows around a number of passers-by, the dog bites grey small dogs at least more than and 20 people have been bitten last night in Jinsong, Shuangjing area was witnessed last September 20th at noon, a stray dog fled in the near east area, at least more than and 20 people have been bitten. Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned from the Chaoyang police, the police are currently being arrested, while reminding the public to pay attention to safety, found a similar situation promptly call 110. BYD reporter found that this is the month of second dogs wounding, September 12th, near the Beijing Information Science and Technology University campus Qinghe also has a small white dog bite passers-by, killing at least 12 people were injured. The CDC outpatient lined up at noon on September 20th, more than the public to reflect that the dogs in Chaoyang District in Yongan, near the Guanghua Road, more than a dozen people were bitten by Chaoyang District CDC injection of rabies vaccine. According to witnesses, the dog is grey white medium sized, about 40 cm in length, has appeared in Yongan and Hebei Tonghui Road intersection, near the Jianwai SOHO. 20 afternoon, BYD reporters came to the Chaoyang District Center for Disease Control and prevention. In the "animal injury clinic", come to the injection of rabies vaccine were lined up, the team has been extended to the outside. One person told reporters BYD, he also came here before vaccination, "but usually not so many people". One person told reporters BYD, he is in the morning more than 11 points in the Yongan near the dog bite. He said that before him, there are more than and 10 people were also bitten by the dog, they have finished the needle back". According to its description, one of the most serious injured people, "the leg was bitten by a hole". Waiting for the injections in the team, BYD reporter also found the other three were the dog bites people. These people injured parts are mostly in the lower leg, you can clearly see the dog bitten by dent. BYD reporter asked staff how many are the dog bites, a medical staff said, "until 3 in the afternoon, to make vaccine has more than and 20 people." As of 20 pm 5 points, another four or five were the dog bites people came to CDC injection of rabies vaccine. The doctor was bitten by the dog people about injection of rabies vaccine a white dog bites suddenly out of more than 3 20 in the afternoon, Ms. Liu sat in Chaoyang District Center for Disease Control and prevention outpatient seat for the injection of rabies vaccine. She told reporters BYD, at noon on the 12, she mentioned that the dog in the road outside the Marriott Residence Internazionale bites. Liu said, in the Marriott Residence Internazionale for a family to take care of the children, usually live in guzhugu. The time of the incident, Liu ready to go out in the office area, suddenly a white dog rushed to bite her left leg, "it across the pants to bite my leg, my umbrella has been playing it take it away." Liu said, when he was a lot of blood flow, and then the employer’s home driver to send her to the CDC injection. Shi相关的主题文章: