The difference between father and mother send the son is orange, her daughter is orange and Xiaoqing

The difference between father and mother: send the son is orange, her daughter is orange and Xiaoqing – Sohu map: South Beauty "Ming Gan Xiaoqing" winter has come, Kunming day, rain rain cold, cold. The bus station on Monday, the crowded car on the road, roadside vehicle federated The stream never stops flowing., such as ants, prowling the meteor flying wild, dazzling. It is not easy to squeeze into a position on the platform, from the crowd out of the head, standing, looking at the direction of the car coming. The bus arrived, on the train, but fortunately there is a position behind, sit down, pat the rain on the sweater, looking out the window by the rain blurred crowd. From nearly half a year, work in numerous, fairly good. Outside the house rent, to leave home for the first time live outside his first fire to cook, the first time…… There are too many for the first time, there are always a lot of habits, but also mixed with a lot of expectations and surprises. Map: South Beauty "Ming Gan Xiaoqing" remember that paid the first day, not much money in his hand is heavy, full of joy. The class got a call to her, after listening to the mother is also very happy, finally asked: "don’t buy anything, what is missing you and my dad, you keep the money to pay the rent and food excess money, save yourself, don’t spend." Although mother said so, knowing that she and her father liked to drink tea, they went home and prepared tea for them. Parents drank more than half of the tea, tea is also very particular about, what season to drink what tea, what kind of tea to drink…… After autumn, home to drink tea, Black Tea. Map: South Beauty Tea "Xiaoqing Mandarin" the home, suddenly found the family put a few cans of never before seen a tea – Orange green. The first time I saw Xiaoqing small lovable like orange, fresh and pleasant smell and taste, it is love. Just one family called Ruanmoyingpao sit together and drink this tea. The mother said Xiaoqing is orange orange green and ripe tea fragrance, warm alcohol slippery, every time I look at the lovely naughty little and dainty, Xiaoqing Mandarin, do not know why I always think. Later I learned that the mother on weekdays daytime lectures, dry throat, will drink Xiaoqing orange, bite down, throat moist, sweet, and cool, more comfortable. Map: South Beauty "Ming Gan Xiaoqing" father night reading, to put a cup of green orange, more than and 10 minutes to see the book, just a drink of orange to continue reading, Xiaoqing, walked into his study, green orange scholarly and slight fragrance is very intoxicating. The home, green orange bring me many wonderful time. Because of her lovely appearance, sweet taste, good for both young and old, because family drink orange Xiaoqing, parents remember a lot of fun when I was young, those childhood nonsensical anecdotes that make us laugh at the tea table. Perhaps in the eyes of their parents, I always like the lovely Xiaoqing orange, fresh and pure. The fact is fresh and compact appearance, in the days and months multiplying workplace temper, I have become more mature. Like Xiaoqing net相关的主题文章: